My progress so far are six completed squares, five green, one white and one just started. Hopefully I will get a couple more done tonight. It is a real joy and very relaxing to sit down and work for this wonderful cause and the children involved. The squares are knitted in different patterns, all of which can be used either back or front, the patterns are the same either side, which makes assembling them much easier. I left a fairly long tail on each one of the squares and tied them up in the way I have seen it done on previous photographs.

Wishing everyone a very nice evening,


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  • I Looove them!

  • Hi Maria

    Your needles are certainly humming along. How clever of you to pick patterns that are two-sided, this will make it very easy for those constructing the blankets. LOVE the variety in your squares.

    I see that you have written that you have left a 'fairly long' tail, so I just thought, in case you haven't read it in the discussions that we leave a tail of 20" or 50 cms, as requested by the lovely ladies in SA. WELL DONE for 'butterflying' the tails, this saves so much time for the ladies unpacking the parcels as they will not arrive tangled together. Also another request is that we bundle the squares in 5's or 10's where possible to help speed up the counting process when the ladies are putting together bundles of 35 for blankets.

    We are so glad you have joined us and have started this discussion......your enthusiasm is inspiring...and spurs us all on.  :))

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments and for your advice Bev. I will bear all this in mind before I post my first batch, once I have finished this project. Still enjoying every stitch in the knowledge that all these squares will keep the children cosy and warm. The wool I have chosen is very soft and very light, as well as a pleasure to work with. I am working on square 15 now, nearly half way....

      • OH my gosh, Maria!!! I would think, not only are your needles humming they are positively steaming....15 already is just amazing, especially if you have continued to make them all patterned ones....please remember to get some

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