• I just saw this blanket in a pile of finished blankets in the pictures that were just posted on Facebook!!!!!!!!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! (It's picture 15; this blanket is on the upper right side, 2nd down.)

  • My husband is unexpectedly home this weekend!!  They cancelled the deployment he was scheduled for, and now we have to wait and see if they will send him somewhere else in the next few months.  It is SO GOOD to have him home!!  Now maybe I can work on using up some of the yarn I bought to keep my spirits up while he was gone =)!
    • I hope you are enjoying your unexpected time together, you must be so happy! My ex-husband was in the Royal Navy and I know exactly how stressful the separations are(he used to go away for 3 months at a time with no contact at all), particularly when you have to keep cheerful for your children. The important thing is to make the most of the time you are together and not worry too much about what comes next. Happy knitting too!
      • Thanks, Charis!  We are all THRILLED and enjoying having him home!!
    • What a pleasant surprise !  Enjoy your family time together.
  • Thank you for the support, ladies!  It really does help!  I took him to the airport yesterday =(.   I was too sad to crochet yesterday, but I could do it today, so maybe things will just keep getting better!


    Yes, this is his first deployment overseas.  He has taken trips for work overseas for a week or two, but that's it.  He has gone on two or three 6-week trainings, but that's the longest he's been gone from us before. 


    We will be starting our full homeschooling schedule soon, and that will keep us all busy.  Hopefully the time will pass quickly (and 19 month old Baby won't break my heart calling for Daddy)!

  • Sorry to hear he is being sent overseas, Rachel.  You will be in our thoughts and prayers. You will have to stay strong so you can keep your childrens lives as normal as possible. Probably good school is starting as that will get you in a routine and he will be home about the time school is out. Feel free to talk to us KAS ladies and we will try to be there for you for support. You will not have as much free time to crochet as you will be doing his chores too but find some time as it is calming plus a norm for you. Jan
  • Oh, ladies!  We found out, quite unexpectedly, about 2 1/2 weeks ago that my husband was going to be deployed overseas!  He leaves on SATURDAY for training, from there he heads overseas at the end of October, and we won't see him again until the end of May =(. 

    Pray that I will survive taking care of our children until he gets home because, if they run me into the ground, I won't be able to crochet for KAS anymore ;-)!  Of course, I'm already half-crazy from worrying about my husband's safety while he'll be gone, so I can't even focus on or remember patterns anymore which is SERIOUSLY affecting my ability to crochet!  Ack!

    • Rachel, we will keep you and your family in our thoughts......feel free to talk to us when things get too hectic.....and don't worry about crocheting (though it might help calm the nerves, it does for me ) you have done lots for KAS already and can afford to take a break.   It will be hard to cope on your own.  Is this your husband's first deployment overseas?   Our cousin from England has been deployed many times to Afghanistan....and his wife and child are given support by family and friends.....consider your KASisters as your support system.
    • Rachel, all our hearts reach out to you at this time.  Hold your husband and the children in YOUR heart and they will be safe.  Tell you mind to quieten down or it will leave you frazzled!  The power of your heart is all you need - you have shown that power over and over with your work for KAS, encouraging the children to participate and the continual kindness in your supportive comments for other Kasers. We are with
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