A week ago I was surprised that my garage door wasn't closing. When I looked, there was my parcel of 250 squares, my Covid lock-down production, posted more that 13 months before, on 10 January 2022!

The only clue about what had happened was an Australia Post sticker which said 'No Service'. I rang the complaints line and was helped by two charming guys who arranged to refund me the $A96 postage. Holding another sticker from the parcel up to the light, I could read through it and later discovered that the parcel had got as far as Durban, SA. I can only assume that it arrived in SA during the postal strike.

I'd sadly given this parcel up for lost. So I'm really pleased that I'll be able to post it again, topped up with another 56 squares, hoping that it arrives this time!

Cheers to all the KAS knitters round the world and all the tireless KAS staff.

Lindsay Cumming, Woodend, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

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  • Hi Lindsay

    I also had a parcel posted May last year, returned last week.  Mine also has 'No Service' written on the Customs Label.

    I phoned Aust Post to make a complaint, but the information I received was incorrect.  So I went to a Corporate Post Office, several suburbs away, rather than my local agency.

    The manager there was great, she could see on-line that my parcel had never left Australia, so lodged a complaint on my behalf.  Later that same day I received an email, asking for more information.  The next day 

    I was contacted by phone and apologised to and assured I was entitled to $91.80 refund.  I provided bank account details today and hope to receive a refund by the end of the week.  I will then post the parcel economy email.

    the chap who contacted me, had no idea when Surface Mail would resume.


    • Thank you for keeping us updated about the post from Australia.

  • Thank you for discovering what happened and reposting to SA.  I am so pleased that you were able to get a refund and repost.

    Keeping fingers crossed that this time your parcel arrives in The Barn!

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