Well..... I have just looked at when I last posted. 10 years nearly!!

A lot has happened but I hope to start contributing knitted and crocheted items again soon. Unfortunately my mother passed away and she was by far the most prolific out of the two of us so it won't be over 100 hats in a parcel! I have been going through the discussions on the site today and will try and only send large parcels to cut down costs.

I have also had to move into a tiny flat with no room for my yarn stash...... A lot of it in other people's garages at the moment.

Love the handwarmers..... Can't wait to start them.   I see there is a shop now... Wow.

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  • I'd like to welcome you back to this forum too.   Life can be a challenge sometimes as times change, but finding comfort in crafting is a special blessing.   You're in for some happy times when you rediscover your stash - will it feel like visiting an old friend I wonder?   I do hope so.   I've taken a glance through the photos of you and your Mum's previous contributions - what an array of glorious colour, all beautifully made and displayed.   Come on in.... our arms and eyes are open!!

  • WELCOME BACK, Suzan! Once a KAS sister, always a KAS sister. We're so glad you are re-joining us.  

  • WELCOME BACK, Suzan!!

    It sounds like you have gone through some big and challenging events in your life, I hope you are doing okay.  xo

    Wishing you health and happiness in 2020.....and please do post some photos of your crafting in the photo section....when you have time, of course.....no pressure.  :))

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