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Episode 1 - Back for Another Season

Episode 2 - Doing What Feels Meaningful

Episode 3 - Led By Curiosity

Episode 4 - Dancing Children

Episode 5 - Rising To The Occasion

Episode 6 - Becoming A Volunteer

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  • Episode 6 - Sat, 26 Mar 2022

    Becoming A Volunteer

    We are blessed to have so many big-hearted people volunteering at the barn. In this episode, Norma shares with Leanne what first drew her to Knit-a-Square and what it was like to become a regular on opening days. We hear, too, how it felt for Norma when she got to go on her first distribution at the Lion Park informal settlement.


    This is the final episode of this short season, but look out for a bonus episode to follow. If you have not yet listened to earlier seasons of the podcast, be sure to look them up on the Acast platform where they are hosted under the name Knit-a-Square. To everyone who has shared the podcast with friends and family, thank you!

  • Episode 5 - March 15, 2022

    Rising To The Occasion

    Long-standing KAS members Pam Johnson and Elaine Jones share with Leanne the process they followed in setting up a Shropshire-based charity called “Knit for Life”. The charity makes it possible for them to send large quantities of squares to South Africa on behalf of dozens of local knitters. Recorded in October last year, this interview is jam-packed with great ideas and lots of laughter, a real tonic in an otherwise difficult period in world affairs.



    If you have similar inspirational stories to share with the Knit-a-Square family, please get in touch with Leanne to let her know.

  • Episode 4

    March 1, 2022

    Dancing Children

    The sounds and feel of Athelé’s visit to Parfuri near the northern tip of the Kruger National Park are captured in this episode as she chats to Leanne from her spot under a tree. We hear the excitement of the children who receive toys, and feel with Athelé her wish that more could be done to reach all the young ones in the community.


    The tiny toys that were distributed were specially selected from the hundreds that come into the barn because space in the car was so limited. Generally, the toys that KAS hands out are of a size that a child can cuddle. Thanks to all our contributors who generously send soft toys, handmade and shop-bought, because the joy they bring to those who receive them is beyond words.

  • Episode 3

    Led by curiosity

    February 15, 2022

    In this episode, Leanne chats to Valerie Zalewski in France. Valerie has been a member of KAS since 2012 and is a keen crocheter, using her large stash of yarn to make squares and toys for the children.

    Of special interest is Valerie’s story of how she came to learn about Knit-a-Square in the first place. It is a reminder to us all that curiosity, nurtured and acted upon, can lead to life’s most rewarding discoveries.


  • Loved Episode 3 with Valerie Zalewski thanks Leanne. It doesn’t seem to be here yet. It was quite a coincidence that I was working with Amy’s mini granny squares while listening and Valerie was chatting about her mini granny squares. Being an English teacher you certainly have the gift of the gab, throughly enjoyed listening to you Valerie. 

    • I also listend to Episode 3 last night..It was very interesting!I looked the books up,Valerie mentionend..about tue Seaside knitters. They sound ever so good!Thank you for a joyful Episode!
  • Episode 2

    February 1, 2022 – Doing what feels meaningful

    A volunteer’s transformation story

    Anna has been a volunteer at the Knit-a-Square barn for about three years and is passionate about compiling squares into blankets. In this episode, she chats to Leanne from a friendly coffee shop in the midst of her morning’s routines, explaining how she came to be involved and what motivates her to work so hard at what she does.

    The blankets that Anna and others bring into the barn are colourful and bright, guaranteed to put a smile on any child’s face. Be sure to visit the Blanket Room on the KAS website to see and be inspired by the myriad wooly creations we get to distribute in Gauteng and beyond.


  • Leanne, so good to hear that you're back again with your podcasts.  You should be a radio announcer with your mellifluous voice.  Best of luck in your studies.

  • Episode 1

    January 18, 2022

    Back for another season

    Anticipating a good year ahead

    It’s been a long break, but I’m back with another season of the Knit-a-square podcast, sharing news and interviews with our wonderful members from South Africa and around the world. In this episode, I review some of the conversations I’ve had with members in previous seasons, then share some of my own news.

    Full disclosure, I’m rather out of practice with podcasting. It was necessary to edit out some splutters and bits where my sentences got too tangled up to make any sense. Time was also limited, so the result is imperfect. Still, imperfections are evidence of authenticity, as they say, and I offer this to you as the best I could do under the circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

    10039369494?profile=RESIZE_710xLeanne and Bongi

    • I throughly enjoyed your first episode of Season 3 Leanne…when I hear that tune I have to find my special bench in the garden and start edging a blanket. 

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