Faces, faces, faces!!  Most people have never of pareidolia, but nearly everyone has experienced it.  The dictionary says it's “the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist.” 

Do you look at the Moon and see eyes, a nose and a mouth? Do you see the “man in the moon”?

What do you see in clouds? 

Here’s a picture I took on vacation last year. 

Does it look like an angel to you too?

We have the ability to see faces everywhere we are, whether real or imagined.

Here's a Chicken McNugget

shaped like U.S. President George 

Washington that sold on eBay.

Feel like making a doll?  Make one with a smiley face!

Duduza made by Robin & Millie made by Karen.

Smileys, people, animal, fish, insect, plant, etc.

Let’s get going, and see how many happy faces we can create for all the children to see!  Let's make them smile!!

If you aren't in the mood to make a face, as always, all Plain Janes are more than welcome!

Want to have more fun?  Add funny face selfies of yourself, family or friends.

(By the way, this is *not* me!  LOL)

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P.S.  Don't forget that our Pattern of the Month is a Teddy Bear Hand Puppet by Andrea (crochet) and Shelley (knit):  


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  • Hello Robin, thank you for the theme, and for encouraging such a great collection of lovely faces.

    Here is my contribution, two furry green monsters (Mr. & Mrs.), not at all scary I hope!

    Mr. FGM, showing off his one and only tooth:


    and Mrs. FGM


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  • Camo Dude - My last square for this theme. 


    • You were a natural, Robin,  to lead this  September theme and there have been such wonderful happy faces contributed.  You could not help smile back at them  and they will be a delight to the children. . 

  • My last face for September.

    The pink square was one I had knitted for my January memory 'garden' blanket and found it was one I didn't need (thanks to not keeping a tally of how many I had knitted)....so it became a September 'face' instead......the joys of recycling....lol.

    September Theme 2015 - Fabulous Faces

  • My last two squares for this theme - a 3-D pig and a blue Smiley (the pig really does have two little piggy eyes but his nose kept getting in the way in the photo)



  • September Theme 2015 - Fabulous Faces

    Some may remember the teddy bear face that one of my students did on my sq at the start of the month.....well, that day I had joined Harriet in needlefelting. (My friend, Kym, had been telling me how easy it is, for ages) I thought I'd make a LITTLE flower to go in the centre of a square......as you can see I lack spatial awareness skills. I had to make the borders of the sq very narrow, just to get this HUGE flower to fit.
    The cute facial features are courtesy of Kym......I hate creating faces, unless I can follow a chart. :))

  • Look at all these WONDERFUL faces from Fannie!!!  Fantastic!










  • A further wonderful set of squares from the Earlston Wednesday Club - all knitted by one member!



  • "Four Square Puppy"


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