Share A Yarn?

Hi Everyone.

New Year - New (updated) Discussion.

To simplify things (and for me 'simple' is ALWAYS we have decided to combine two of your favourite discussions: Yarn-aholics Therapy and Anyone Feel Like A Chat? We thank Jeni (Harrison's Mum) and Kalai for initiating these wonderful avenues for sharing, which will be archived and still available for reading and reminiscing. 

I know I've laughed, cried and commiserated with many of you over the years and so it is my pleasure to offer you this opportunity to continue to share with your friends in 'Share A Yarn?'

Who doesn't love to share a yarn?...Well, I probably prefer to share a yarn (tale) than share a yarn (my stash)

So all you lovely folk, let's keep things humming along.....well maybe 'humming' is not a good word to use in my case. I recently learned from my hubby that he doesn't like my humming...only took him almost 32 years to tell me.....but I think it may also have taken him 31+ years to work out WHY I hum. When I'm happy, I tend to sing (or la, la, la, as I never know all the words to a song)....but when I'm tired (I think to keep myself awake) irritated or just plain CROSS, I hum.....LOL.

There you go...there's my first 'yarn to share'.

I look forward to seeing and/or reading yours...please are among friends.  :))


yarn holder/unwinder


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  • Well it warmed up from -27C with a -46 windchill to -18C.  I hardly know how to act, lol!


    • Lucky you and lucky me, Jeanne. It started the week (Monday) here at just over 40C, but has slowly got a little more bearable, with a forecast temp of 29C here today.....currently just over 26C......

      LOVE the new version of an oldie, but a goodie....can't get it out of my

      • Bev I show 40C as 104F is that right?  That's way too hot for me that's for sure. We've had a week or more now of windchills in the -30C to -46C range. It's thankfully milder today, -18C feeling like -21C so next to no wind. I see it will drop again tonight, -36C windchill.  Thats about the same C or F.  I am working on my second go at a vest pattern.  I was concentrating on it but found a reversed row anyways so frogged it back, lost a stitch and had to start over.  Ah well, I think I will get it eventually...Grace's Knitted vest pattern.  Having PTSD plays sweet harry with my concentration, focus and memory...but I am determined to make something in more than garter stitch, lol!

        • Mmm, Jeanne, have just been looking up PTSD....good on you for persevering with the vest. I wouldn't worry about the stitch you use. I don't like doing anything in rib stitches, because I just can't get any rib stitches to knit up neatly, so I tend to do most knitting in stocking or garter and maybe little bits of seed, 'cos I'm not too neat (or speedy) with that either.

          • not quite sure where to put this but it is with great sadness that I have to tell you that my daughter lost her twins today she gave birth to two tiny boys and they died in their daddys arms minutes after being born, the dr`s said if they had of lived they could have been brain damaged and serverly disabled,my daughter and son in law are so brave, they were waiting for the vicar to come and bless the babys and then they were going to decide what to do next they have also been offered bereavement councaling by the hospital,

            • Ann, I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Big hugs for you and your family.

            • Dear Ann, so very sorry to hear of your great loss. Sincere condolences and my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very sad time.

            • Oh Ann, I can't tell you how sorry I am for you and your daughter and son-in-law.  I can't even imagine what you and they are going thru.  Such heartbreaking news.  Please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers.  We all love you!

            • Oh Ann, I am so so sorry to hear your sad news,you are in my thoughts and prays. God bless you are your family, stay strong. We are here for you if you need us xxx
              • I'm so sorry to hear your news, Ann. Big ((hugs)) and thinking of you all.

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