Share A Yarn in 2015

Hi KASfriends.

Well, its that time of year again; time for a new beginning, a new

Won't you share a thought or two?  

A joke...or maybe a story?

Perhaps a snippet of your day?

Or your life in all its glory......

I invite you, one and all, to visit this new 2015 discussion and share whatever is on your mind.....the good, the bad...and the not too ugly.  

Remember, you are among friends.

Even kittens like to share a yarn......

The 2014 Share A Yarn? discussion will be archived, but still available for reading and reminiscing.

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  • The 2015 Share a Yarn has been closed.  Please join us in the 2016 Share a Yarn.

  • I saw this gorgeous work-of-art quilt online, it's from the Oregon USA quilt show.  Apart from my jaw dropping, it immediately made me think of my talented KAS sisters.  Some of you show us works of yarn art equal to this, not kidding.  So thank you.  Do consider yourselves artists, I consider you artists. 


    • And if you're more for outdoor pursuits...this is how to have fun in winter.  (by Bartz Snow Sculptures)


  • Proof you can knit anywhere, anytime....this is over in Israel. (KASer Debbie Posmontier posted this on Facebook) What gets me is it looks like one of our navy scarves!


  • I have to finally admit this might be me.


    • I had "bad"  news just before Christmas. The only yarn store in the nearest town to where I live is closing in February. The owners are retiring and there is no-one interested in taking it over. I'm so upset as they are really nice people and help me out from time to time with a little reduction on the yarn I buy. On the other hand, I'm waiting for their closing down sale with baited breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I take it you won't be buying the business Valerie!! Good luck at the sale. Take some empty bags. Look at it this way -  it is an investment in the future fun for KAS

        • If I were a few decades younger, I might have considered buying it. Anyway, I'll certainly stock up on those shopping bags. Luckily there's a café just opposite the store so Jean Michel can have a hot drink while waiting for me.

          • Valerie are there any craft fairs or markets where you can go to buy wool?  That's so tough when a craft or yarn shop closes down.  I have sometimes resorted to buying online since our local Walmart took it's yarn section to 1/4 it's former size and our local book store only stocks expensive sock yarn.  Perhaps once the flooding recedes, you can find a great excuse to visit nearby towns and their craft fairs or wool shops?  I mean a lady just can't be without her woolly inspiration can she?

            • Apparently this is Mimi the dancing sheep. (Britain's Got Talent) Can't say I've seen her in action but she looks perfect for bringing in the New Year in party style!


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