• I’m in Japan and there are very few countries we are allowed to send packages to right now. Our lockdown has kept me busy so I am holding on to five blankets until a Japan allows me to ship. 

    • Wow, I had no idea the shipping issues going on but of course it makes sense given the current conditions.  I'll keep knitting away!

  • Be sure you visit the Post Office not a satellite office.  Satellite office like Postal Annex or a UPS store add a huge mark up to overseas packages, sometimes 3 times the amount.  The Post Office will tell you that service is suspended, a satellite will tell you they don't know why you can not send the package.

    • Thanks! I did find this out from the post office.  They told me other places would charge way more

  • I am in California.   It is my understanding that we in the U.S.A. are to hold onto our squares until given the go-ahead to mail parcels again.  There is a link under "Postal Service Global Links" in KAS Snippets where you can check for updated information regarding international mail service from the United States.  Due to the pandemic, there are transportation issues and safety concerns in many countries which are causing delays and disruptions in postal service.

    • Thank you so much for the details!  The postal service didn't have any answers for except that they weren't shipping there.  I was so excited to send them out but I'll have to be patient and maybe get started on a new stack of squares!

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