Is there a required measurement for the squares.

I have at home a box of squares, at least  50 or more and they measure 7" x 7".

If this is not the correct size, can you please let me know what you prefer and do you want 100% wool, cotton or acrylic.

Hope to hear from you soon, so I can get cracking.

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  • Thank you so much for your timely reply, I will be able to have something to do now, in the many hours spent inside.



  • note no squares to be sent until after 5th May as office is closed due to conavirus

  • Hello Rose, Thank you for your interest and square enquiry.     Our request is 8" (20cms) squares.      Would it be possible for you crochet a little around each of the ones you have already to make them a little larger.?   If not, I'd suggest batching them together when you mail them, drawing attention to their smaller size.    Make any you do from now the correct size.   You can use any wool.   Acrylic is affordable, cotton is soft and high wool content provides warmth.  Enjoy your crafting and ask me anything else you're unsure of.   Karen x

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