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edited by Susan Gillman 

Edy made some bright and colourful scrap yarn hats when he started out.... 


 That is not all that Edy makes with his yarn scraps, he is remembered and loved for the fabulous dolls he made. The Team in South Africa were amazed to find that they are big dolls. Each one unique with a head full of hair, creative clothes, and all with beaming smiles ! There will be happy children in SA who receive one of these. Edy gave us a running photo commentary on how they were made. Here are some of the photos.

Check out the belly buttons !


Here are two of them safe in South Africa ready to be loved 


And two more......

Thank You Edy for your imagination and creativity for the children of South Africa !!! 

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  • Congratulations on the award Edy. The dolls are just fantastic. Thank you.

  • Eddy, I saw your dolls in the flesh today - they are fabulous! Well done for making them and receiving your award. So deserved! The children will love them!
  • Edy, so deserving!  Congratulations on your award.  Just love your hats and dolls.

  • Congratulations, Edy. I loved following your blog as you wrote about your creations. Are you currently working on another project for KAS? We'd all love to hear about it, if you are.

  • Congratulations Edy - well done! 

  • Edy, this is a well deserved award for all your creative work in making those adorable dolls.  The adults love them so just imagine how a boy or girl will feel when they receive one of your dolls! 

    • Edy have you seen this?

  • Congratulations Edy, you are also a regular visitor to the KAS Facebook page - your dollies are an absolute treat for the children!

  • Your work is quite delightful Edy! Was fortunate to have unpacked one of your parcels last winter. Looking forward to seeing more!
  • Edy, congratulations.  Your work is so creative and unique. You are brightening the lives of so many people in South Africa and around the world.  Thank you for wonderful contribution to the KAS world.

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