The DECEMBER 2018 Squares List is available.

Scroll down and go to the last page to see the December Squares List.


Important Reminder:


Please declare '0'  as the parcel value. If your postmaster insists on a value, please declare $1.00. Anything more incurs customs fees. Before mailing any parcels, be sure to read the instructions in the




1. Squares

                -pack flat                                  -tail neatly butterflied                             -bundled in 5/10


 2. Inside the parcel: Include the Packing Slip                                        3.Check Postage before mailing 




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  • The December 2018 Squares List is available.

    Overall totals 2018:


    In December we received 121 parcels containing 5.510 squares, equal to 157 blankets.

    Overall total for 2018:  148.123 squares, equal to 4.232 blankets!

    Many other items were received, such as hats, hand warmers, go-overs, cuddly toys and other goodies.

    Another year ends, please read HERE "Happy Holidays from Knit-a-Square" to you all.




    Please find below the squares list as an attachment:  2018 DECEMBER.pdf and click on it to open it:

    2018 DECEMBER.pdf

    • Hi Bev. I saw the December list easily but I can't find monthly lists for previous months of 2018. They used to be all together in a list. I don't even see a link for November. I can't seem to get to previous posts in this discussion. I'm using my phone right now...would that make a difference?
      • Hi Rosanne, Your name is mentioned in the October squares list. When you use a phone you have to go to the "Desktop View" to be able to scroll back from the last page to the pages before. Otherwise it is not possible to scroll back to the page you are looking for. Knit a Square has a Menu toolbar on the right side top when you use your phone. When you click on it you can see various possibilities: Activity, Photos, Groups, Discussions, Desktop View and Sign in. When you click on "Desktop View" you can see the discussion page "Squares List" in full and go to any page of the discussion page you want. 

        When you have sent your parcel by surface mail, it can/will take months before it arrives in SA.

        For ease of reference I have attached the October Squares List, 1 parcel received containing 35 squares.

        Another thing is that the squares lists will not be published anymore on www.knit.a.square.com but here in this discussion page only. So you are right, you can't see them all in one list.

        Hope to have been of help.


        2018 OCTOBER.pdf

        • Oh, thank you very much, Anneke!  You've been very helpful.  I thought, perhaps, my problem had something to do with the fact that I was using my phone.  The reason I wanted to follow up on that particular package is because a neighbor of mine offered to help me with postage costs, and I wanted to make sure it actually arrived.  I believe it was mailed in October, and it actually made it on the October list.  That's amazing!

          • My pleasure Rosanne. Most people are not aware of the "Desktop view" for your phone. Sandy has build that in perfectly well in, in order to see the complete website and you even can sign in. How great is that!

            Good to hear that your are happy that your parcel arrived, indeed amazing, but sometimes parcels arrive unexpectedly quick. I am a member for at about 8 years and during that time not any parcel got lost. Sometimes it takes months, sometimes it takes 10 days to arrive. Have a wonderful day.

      • Hi Rosanne  The October list .pdf file was posted on 17th November, 2018.   Try tracking back to see it (around page 9 on my pc).  Best wishes

        • Thank you for replying, Twinge.  Apparently I couldn't see the previous lists because I was using my phone and was not in "Desktop View."

        • Thank you Twinge for your kind assistance. Best wishes :)

    • I am having trouble locating Squares Lists on this site for months prior to December. How can I get to them? I am trying to find out if my package mailed back in October ever arrived.
      • Hi Rosanne. If you go back through the pages of this discussion, you will see that Anneke posts each month an attachment in blue writing. If you click on the blue writing that says the month and pdf, it will open the attachment for you and you can scroll through the list. 

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