This from Estelle:

Ronda got a call from Pearl this morning, July 9,  who was appealing for blankets for her charity at Kya Sands. They met at the KASbarn at 12:00 and Ronda, who is surrounded by packing boxes at the moment, and Pearl managed to pack 60 blankets for these vulnerable children. Johannesburg is expecting extremely cold weather over the next couple of days... unseasonal rain and perhaps even snow. Thank goodness it all worked so efficiently and Pearl posted these photos this afternoon. Thank you Pearl we are delighted that there will be 60 warm children this evening and this weekend and many, many thanks for the pics which are so important for our contributors to see and keep them inspired to keep on knitting.

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  • I’m so grateful for these posts and especially the pictures. It really inspires me to keep knitting, in anticipation of the day when I can send all these squares from the US again.
    • Yes. We're all hoping to be able to send our parcels. In France, we're still blocked.

  • How great to have been able to bring a little warmth to these children. It's such a pity that we can't send our parcels now.

  • Great another 60 warm children!

  • Lovely to see that despite the difficulties (virus and lack of incoming mail) KAS can still help to warm cold children.

  • If you see squares, beanies, hand-warmer or blankets that you created, please let us know.

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