Noah's crèche in Swaneville is hidden away in a remote corner of nowhere, in fact it is nothing short of a miracle that we actually managed to find it at all, the instructions via Lindi's cellphone were SO nonsensical !!


However, find it we DID, and waiting for us were a group of happy, excited women and some half a dozen gogo's who had been stitching the blankets together, also keen to help with our distribution.


Francina runs the crèche and, once more this seemed to be a case of the government not accepting her admirable project as a social welfare case, "because she has to have a kitchen and other facilities first" - which, of course, she is unable to establish WITHOUT help from the government !! 


And - she was worried that she is SO often unable to visit or feed her gogos over the weekends ... because the previous week one of the group had been found dead on Monday morning, for lack of food and water ... HOW heart breaking ?


The little ones were lovely - LOTS of "sharp, sharp" greetings for us ... and they were all fascinated at the sight of their own little faces on the camera, as always.


The place was a bit shambolic, and there was an EXTREMELY rude word written on one of the container walls in LARGE letters, which I suggested should perhaps be painted over  ???  But Francina just said, "that's not my container !!".


This was one of those occasions which left me feeling quite tearful - just thinking about the state of things in so many parts of our country, seeing things from the childrens' point of view and witnessing the general poverty and hopelessness of smelly, sewerage rich Swaneville.


Sometimes God breaks our hearts for what breaks His - otherwise nothing would ever get done for the poor, perhaps!! 

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  • What a terribly sad report - thank God that you were able to find them and make some difference to those poor children - and how frustrating for Francina that the rules seem to be preventing her making more of a difference.  May God give her strength to carry on and show her the difference she is already making!

    While there may have been a rude word on that other container - how wonderfully jolly and bright the creche looks from the outside.  

    I have parcelled up some more squares today and this report fires me up to get more of them sorted and ready to post out to you!

    • Me too!  A parcel leaves this week with squares, toys and hats in it and 1 lonely vest made last year that hid on me. 

  • Goodness me Ronda, how wonderful that you gave warmth to the little ones. Let's hope one day as these children grow and develop their lives, that they can look back on the day that love came to their crèche to help Francina.  

    We read 'Cry the Beloved Country' at school and I saw it acted as a play when I was in Joburg. In reality every day it is still cry the beloved country. Alan Paton's book is still studied world wide. Here is a quote from an on line source.

     "I shall care for your child, my son, even as if it were my own." Chapter 29, pg. 205

    • A superb quote Maureen and one that we strive to do every single day, every stitch we make.  We put love in every square, every toy, every hat, every blanket and in our prayers too.

      I must add here, please get the word out everyone that squares are needed as much as blankets. Ronda asks us to send what we've got, you don't have to wait until it's a blanket (which could take months in my case).  If you're fast at doing blankets then power to you but if not just send the squares....thanks!

  • If stocks are very low does that mean Ronda still wants mainly sewn up blankets or can we just send whatever squares we've got on hand?  I feel a bit out of the loop, having been sick and then out of the country. Now Canada has a mail strike but I can work to have a package ready to go at the first instance!

    What is the call now? For squares or sewn blankets?  Anyways I will trundle around the site abit, see what I can find.

    love, Jeanne

    Might I add that I know the need is overwhelming but just remember "you made a difference to that one, to those kids, to that creche, to those go-go's".  Its the real version of that man tossing beached starfish back into the sea. He couldn't toss them all back but the ones he did, it made a difference.  Together we can do it, one stitch at a time, all our little pebbles can build a mountain of help.  I too was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of one of the go-go's.  I would love to help them somehow.

  • What a heart-breaking situation for all of these people. It all just shows how much our little contribution is needed, and how far it will go to bring light and love to these children. Francina sounds like an extraordinary lady; praying she will get the recognition and funding needed.

  • Big lump in my throat reading this. Sad to read how poor conditions are for both children and older people. Just think how much worse it would be without your help and all the people who contribute to KAS. Getting my needles out straight away!!
    Love and best wishes to all.
    • That is good news about firing up the needles Kate, stocks are running low and with Nelson Mandela day coming up, Ronda is getting more calls for help! 

      • So uplifting to hear of women like Francina, looking after two vulnerable generations, the elderly and the young.

        Pam, I noticed that the shelves were almost empty on the photos of Ronda's grandkids.  My needles or hook are in action every day, notwithstanding my other commitments. 

      • Thank you for sharing Ronda's report with us, Pam.

        It seems the children and the elderly are neglected in so many countries....very, very sad. To be so poor as to die of starvation and lack of water in the 21st century, all nations/governments should be ashamed.

        Time to send another parcel and hopefully some funds. More cries for help to Ronda, means more fuel for the van will be needed and healthy snacks for the children during distributions.

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