We're living/working in Pretoria now (expats from New York!).  I'm volunteering at a local, urban primary school and I'm hoping to start a knitting after-school group, along with a teacher.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Best to all for the "festive season."


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  • Happy New Year - and wishing everyone all things good for 2013! 

    I want to purchase the teacher resource handbook.  If there a hard copy or only a electronic file that I would then print out?


    C -


    • Hi Carolyn, yes you certainly can! At the bottom of the advert for schools is a little 'Click Here' which will take you to the Square Shop, and you purchase it via PayPal.  We look forward to seeing the results you achieve with the children and their progress!

      • Thanks Pam,

        Is this for a hard copy of the handbook that can be sent to me here in Pretoria or an electronic file that I download and print out?

        • It is an electronic file Carolyn, if I recall correctly, its in pdf. format, and, 40 pages to print! 

  • Well done Carolyn for taking the next step!  Sharing and empowering the children to knit or crochet will provide them with a skill for life.  Anne's guidance is excellent - without doubt the photos really to provide inspiration and energy to spur us on. Please keep us informed as to the developments and growth.

  • Hi Carolyn

    Welcome to KAS!  It is very exciting to hear that you are thinking of starting an after-school group.  Not only will the kids learn a new skill like knitting or crocheting, but you will help to raise their awareness of children who really need our help.

    Pam does a great job of posting photos of "our kids" in the Photo section - they would be a great inspiration for your group.  Somehow, seeing those happy faces as they enjoy their new blankets and hats, puts a whole new spin on the time and effort it takes to make each square. As your group gets going, I hope you will post some photos of your kids.

    I am moving your discussion from the Challenge Category over to the Meeting You Category where it will be more obvious.  We go there to hear about our new members and what they are doing.

    So glad you are with us!


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