This past Saturday gone I lost my dearest friend, she was traveling around Australia with a camp trailer something she had always wanted to do. Bub asked me if she could take one of my dogs with her for company so I let my well trained girl Ruffles take up the passenger seat and she was also chief navigator.  From the moment these 2 met they were dedicated to each other and have spent the last nine months having a ball....

Bub's favorite colour is Red so for the next month in her memory I am going to make all my charity knitting red or red some where in it.... Bub would love that. 

Bub loved seeing the pictures of the kids from Botshabelo with the beanies on that I had knitted. Hopefully now she has spread her wings Bub can wrap her wings around these beautiful children and keep them safe and warm from her side. Good bye my friend and may a hundred thousand angels always be by your side

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  • I have only just seen this Mandi and send you love and thoughts from the UK.  I recently had a tiff with my oldest friend which I am just trying to mend - friends are so valuable and the thought of losing her upsets me greatly.  Plus a cousin's husband died suddenly and very tragically last week so I understand your pain.  Life is so short and helping others through KAS certainly helps a lot of us through difficult times, as we see so often on the forum.

    May your friend rest in peace, your tribute to her is a wonderful one. x

  • well its Bub's service today and I went crazy and had my hair done last night and its now a dark plum/purple sort of  colour.... Bub was well known for her out there hair so I thought why not in her memory go something a little out there.... Looking forward to seeing old friends today and also passing on the word about Knit-a-square we might get some more helpers if not the word out there at least......

    I think I ended up doing about 20 squares all with red so will post them off next week... I figured even doing my family knitting I can still do at least 2 squares a day.... Happy knit/purling everyone stay safe and have a wonderful day

    • We'll be thinking of you Mandi as you attend the service.  I have a feeling Bub would heartily approve of your hair!

      • My thoughts are with you today, Mandi..the final goodbye can be hard, but I am sure Bub would be loving your special hair do.

  • I am so sorry to hear about your loss Mandi. Knitting with Bub's favourite colour will be a wonderful tribute in her memory.  

  • Thanks Ladys all you words bring a tear and a smile to my face again thank you so much for you kind words.  I will be knitting away with fond memorys that is for sure....
    Ruffles is home with me now we flew her back yesterday and she is at my feet all the time. I will have to teach her to knit and purl lol

    again thanks for you words they really do help

  • Here's to red squares in honor of Bub!  So very sorry for your loss, Mandi. May every red stitch remind you of her goodness.

  • Mandi, I'm sorry for your loss. I hope it's a comfort that Ruffles was able to give her such companionship and love. A piece of you was with Bub.

  • Mandi, my condolences on the loss of your dear friend.  Knitting with Bub's favourite colour is a wonderful tribute in her memory.  

  • My deepest sympathies, Mandi. I am so terribly sorry for your loss.

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