.... from Ntirisano we found our way around the houses to Little Toddlers

with the help of the delightful young "Cleopatra" !

A beautifully run daycare centre, though by now the cool early morning air

had become BAKING HOT and the children were in a room reminiscent of the Black Hole of Calcutta !!! 

Wandi and I were gasping ... and quickly jettisoned our own extra bits of clothing. 

We tried to hang the banner, but it wasn't hugely successful - there is one pic of Wandi and one of the children trying to hold it up !

However, the children were wild with enthusiasm and very noisy indeed! 

Busi runs this daycare with the able assistance of Regina and a few others. 

In total, in two "classes" - one for under 2 year olds - there were 70

children and we had fun listening to them SHOUT their way through the

national anthem, among a few other tunes.

This was a fun day indeed !

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  • they are so cute

  • So many beautiful smiles; a real joy to see. Thank you for this report.

  • These beautiful smiling faces are what makes it all worth while.  i just love seeing the joy when they have something of their very own.:)

  • Beautiful children and some really delightful smiles.

    • .I can't imagine how it was giving out lovely warm blankets in that heat. Hopefully they get put aside for winter and I  am sure the children love to receive gifts even if they are rather hot gifts !  I had a good laugh at the children shouting their way through the national anthem, you must find it hard to keep a straight face sometimes. They look a very sweet, lively bunch of children.

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