Having collected Wandi we made our way to Tsepisong and met up with Lorraine and Ellen who were waiting at the appointed intersection as promised, which was most helpful and much appreciated!

It was not far to travel to Salvation Daycare from the meeting place, literally a few hundred metres ! Lorraine is an ordained pastor in Protea Glen, a suburb near Chiawelo where Wandi lives, and she had heard of Knit-a-Square via someone in Finetown!

Both were beautifully set up in real brick houses, in a new and upgraded

section of Tsepisong. In keeping with the whole atmosphere, the 65 odd children were delightful - enthusiastic, friendly and happy ... and the daycare was well organised into three groups ... babies, pre-schoolers and school reception. Ellen, who we discovered is also a pastor, oversees the babies group.

To see more of the fabulous photographs from this well run daycare centre - Link : http://forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/photographs-from-kas-distributions-2015-2016?commentId=3276523%3AComment%3A720357

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  • What a relief it is to see a brick built daycare with tables and chairs in it. It reminds me of when some of us clubbed together to get table and chairs and floor mats and toys for that daycare in a huge abandoned factory.  God bless these ladies, what a boon for the children everywhere to have ladies that love and care for them.  I'm so delighted we can help out in our small ways by giving these warm blankets, giving hugs of love and support with them, and colorful hats and delightful toys.  I love that green handmade teddy, what a cutie!  Thanks for this report, Pam.  It encourages me to do more. :)

  • What a positive report! As Sue says, you can see such a difference between this and other daycare centres. The children's smiles speak loudest of all!

  • My goodness what a difference from the other daycare centres ! The children all look very happy and well !

    • Totally agree, Sue.

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