• awesome photos!  and a real inspiration to increase the knitting!

    Lovely, thank you so much for posting these.

  • What a lovely selection of photos... and these children look SO happy with their smiling little faces.

  • What a treat!!!  to see the children happy and bundled up with their blankets, Thanks for the pictures, Pam.

  • I love the stripes ! almost makes me feel like going back to knitting! I may have spied one of my mom's teddies.

    • I sent the link to my dad and my mom thinks a few of the teddies are her's - they are thrilled to see them in the 'wild'

      • I agree, you get a special thrill to see your work actually there, making a difference. I'm so glad you spotted the teddies, that's no doubt made her day.  Awwwww.  There's just something special about a teddy to cuddle. :)

    • LOVE seeing all the kiddies wrapped snuggly in their blankets and with their hats and beanies on. If their mornings are anything like ours, they need them, desperately!!

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