Uthando Project founded in 2004

in Australia


At the suggestion of one of the Knit-a-Square Facebook members, Julie Fletcher, we contacted and asked permission to use the ethnic doll patterns developed by the Uthando Project.

Georgia Efford replied that they would delighted for KAS members to download as many patterns as you would enjoy making!


[Georgia mentioned that there is a need for boys dolls!]





Caring for the world's children is everyone's responsibility. Play is essential for children's healthy development, and, a child's need for play can become lost when families and communities are in challenging circumstances. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has brought trauma, grief, bewilderment and loss to many, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Uthando invites you to join us and offers a way for you to make a very special contribution. Learn how to make a doll so you can make a difference to a child living in Kwa-Zulu Natal, one of South Africa's most affected communities.

 Granny doll!

Sewn Doll! 

Friendly Lion !

Do explore the various links and discover the wide variety of patterns that can be downloaded : 



Uthando Project history


Guidelines for Dollmaking




Range of patterns


Types of dolls for KZN


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  • Oh wow, a new pattern site to play in!  I am excited as this will help me reduce my yarn stash even further. I hear what they say about a need for boy dolls and I'll see what I can come up with. So so grateful they've given us permission to use their delightful patterns!

  • 2965225383?profile=originalMy Uthando Doll

    I used the Alusa pattern for this girl doll.  As you can see, I gave her "knitted-in" underpants and tshirt.

    HINT -  I found it easier to embroider the facial featres before sewing up the doll.

    Her clothes are a KAS Hexagon sweater and "pleated" skirt.

    After many attempts at creating "hair", I found the easiest way was to firmly knot many short lengths of worsted weight yarn to the scalp, fray it with a needle to make it kinky and finish off with a haircut







    • Your doll and clothing are SPECTACULAR, Anne. Well done!!!!!!!!

      • That is a really sweet doll. I love the hexagon sweater and pleated skirt. It is interesting to her how the hair worked for you it looks really good !

  • Hey Everyone - just look at what Roz Goodwin has done!!

    She has made TWO footballers using the Uthando Project patterns

    You can read more about how she made these in Roz's KAS Blog at


    My first two Uthando African footballers showing construction and integral underwear. I followed Uthando Two Piece Knitted Boy Doll pattern from their website. I know the faces are not very good, but I'm going to get lots of practice, I have plenty of brown yarn left! I was surprised how satisfying I found knitting these. I know I shouldn't say it, but I love them, I can't help it.........


  • Delightful dolls and easy to follow patterns. It is lovely that Uthando Project is willing to share as we are all working to help the children of South Africa.

    • Fabulous to be allowed to join hands with a very generous Uthando. No excuses now not to send some great cuddlies ! I am going to try the sewn doll but I think I'll wait for those long winter days to get my machine out. In the meantime I can go shopping for brown fabric, and of course bits and pieces ! Linda your footballers sound wonderful.

      • What a lovely organisation....and most heartwarming to read that part of its origins and continued success are from my state of WA.

        The little hand puppets are very similar to some that were at a childcare centre where I used to work and I was always going to 'get around' to making a pattern, because they were such great little puppets....now I won't have to make up a pattern, I will just have to 'get around' to knitting some. They look almost the same as handwarmers, only with a face on them....hmmmm, I wonder if my sister, Ros, would like to try something other than squares soon....lol.

        Roz G. your 'footballers' idea for boys is terrific......when you get some made, please share a pic.  :))

  • I just had a look at the website and these dolls are amazing.  It would have been a better way to use the donated brown yarns that I put together with pale yarns for tops or thicker squares............!  So this morning I'm off to Halifax Borough Market where there is a lady selling double knit acrylic at £1 a 100gm ball for some brown yarn.  I have black to make hair and I'm going to make footballers..................Roz x 

    •  I must have had a 'senior moment'.  The yarn in Halifax was £1.50 not £1....ooooops     

      I have 2 balls of brown yarn and the colours for football strips of the S.A. national team [yellow and green] for obvious reasons and Manchester United [red and white] as I understand they cross all borders worldwide.

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