Hi all,


I have been knitting for KAS now since April (when I read about it in Take 5 Magazine).  I have only recently joined the forum and am really enjoying having a look at all the lovely creative knitted and crocheted items everyone else is making, you are all very talented.


I also thought I might start adding a few photos of some of my own projects.  I have only recently taken on the challenge of making Beanie's, so the first photo I have added is of 2 of my latest one's.  I am really happy with these 2 and will settle on using the pattern they were made from now.  I have also discovered that I really LOVE making Beanies, much more challenging than just doing the squares (I have made about 250 squares now).


I had a bit of trouble initially finding a beanie pattern that was easy enough for me to follow, that also gave a good result, and after much trial and error I am finally happy with what I have. (The first couple were a bit on the large side, the next couple a bit small).


Please feel free to take a look and let me know what you think!





KAS Beanies August 1 2011.jpg

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  • Lovely to have you on board Wendy!
  • They look ideal! Warm and pretty.Hats are addictive as many of us have found.
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