THE BARN -2023

This discussion is for all the news about The KAS Barn.

You can see photos or our incoming parcels, volunteers sorting all the goodies, the building of many layers of cake, the stocking of blankets, the gogo packets, and distribution packages being loaded into the KAS Van to make children's live a little bit warmer and brighter.

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  • Barn News from August 15...

    KAS is cleaning up at the Barn and getting ready for the move to its new home.

    12308675660?profile=RESIZE_400xLInda is still putting blanket packs together with a big smile on her face.

    12308675881?profile=RESIZE_400xSchool volunteers help with the sorting and counting.

    12308675685?profile=RESIZE_400xReady to load up the KAS Van.

    12308676065?profile=RESIZE_400x12308676086?profile=RESIZE_400xOur shelves are all tidy and ready to be packed for moving.


    Sheldon is always so helpful in displaying our blankets.



    12308677293?profile=RESIZE_400xPretty blanket Liz

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  • Just wondering if there are some issues with the KAS website, specifically the "discussion categories"?  I am not seeing any new posts through the website beyond July 31, 2023.  Thanks, Brenda 

    • Hi Brenda,

      We're having issues with the forum. You can find everything you need at the new forum address:

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      Welcome to our KAS community of over 10,000, who lovingly send 8” squares to make hand-made blankets for the South African AIDS orphans.
  • Here is Estelle's report from Tuesday, July 25.

    Opening Day at the KASbarn July25 2023.
    As you can see from our tables it was another busy day at the barn. We have had hundreds of very welcome squares from schools lately which all have to be counted, sorted and bundled. The Gogo groups are always eagerly waiting to collect them.
    12161930071?profile=RESIZE_710xSee what I mean about squares to sort and size….we all need to get cracking and clear those tables. I didn’t get a pic of your neat piles Sheldon Bolle thanks for all your help today especially moving all the heavy boxes and bags.
    Some of the beautiful blankets that have recently arrived at the barn. Norma and Wandi loving Kathleen Bergmans exquisite creation - Clear Lake Methodist Church.
    The following four beautiful blankets shown by Vivienne 
    are all from Andreja’s Croation team.
    Love this❣️
    12161931072?profile=RESIZE_710x12161931098?profile=RESIZE_710x12161931481?profile=RESIZE_710x12161931856?profile=RESIZE_710x12161932065?profile=RESIZE_710xHave to love the stripes and so does Elaine Joubert.
    Great job sewing this one together Audrey.
    I think I know someone else who will love this blanket…what do you think Bev?
    12161932856?profile=RESIZE_710xRonda helping Samke adding her 36 blankets to the cake.
    12161932867?profile=RESIZE_710xSamke and Phumzile.
    12161933052?profile=RESIZE_710xElaine and I had the delightful job of repacking and sorting the yarn cupboard.
    Just handling all that lovely new yarn donated to us by
    Party Day on behalf of the SA Nursing Council is thrilling! 🤪
    Thanks for the pic Ronda.
    12161933093?profile=RESIZE_710xA blue flower badge for Vivienne….
    busy little bee, model of the day and your sense of humour!
    Lindi, Wandi and Themba did a distribution in Protea Glen and collected 45 blankets from the Proteas South Gogo group…super pics from Lindi thanks.
    12161934057?profile=RESIZE_710x12161934087?profile=RESIZE_710xSee more photos in our Distribution Discussion.
    After a long exhausting distribution Lindi comes back to barn smiling.
    Enjoy your time at Ngwenya Liz especially those amazing sunsets.
    • Oh, how wonderful this set of photos is!   I see lots of squares, beautiful blankets, packages of bright yarn, smiling faces and children wrapped in warm blankets.    What more could a person ask!!!

  • So many exciting things from Mandela Day 2023.  

    Here is Estelle's report...

    Opening Day at the KASbarn July 18 2023.
    Happy Mandela Day to one and all. Today was all about getting 73 blankets to these dearest, beautiful children. Wandi, Ronda, Themba and I made our way to Soweto for the most heartwarming, happy and successful distribution…this made possible by our generous contributors. We are truly blessed. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    We left Vivienne, LIndi, Sheldon and Liz holding the ‘barn’. They had the pleasure of opening new post and were visited by Party-Day Moloi and her colleagues who donated a most generous gift of yarn.
    12150473461?profile=RESIZE_710xParty-Day Moloi’s fantastic yarn donation.
    12150473288?profile=RESIZE_710xChristmas has come early again.
    12150474059?profile=RESIZE_710xViv opened a BIG box containing 11 blankets and many squares
    from your team in Croatia, Andreja.
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