THE BARN -2023

This discussion is for all the news about The KAS Barn.

You can see photos or our incoming parcels, volunteers sorting all the goodies, the building of many layers of cake, the stocking of blankets, the gogo packets, and distribution packages being loaded into the KAS Van to make children's live a little bit warmer and brighter.

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all the news from The Barn!

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  • From Ronda on December 5.

    Final opening day in the KASbarn for 2023.  We will see you in 2024,

    12309066288?profile=RESIZE_400x12309066484?profile=RESIZE_400xPortia delivered a whopping 108 blankets this morning 👏🏼

    12309067058?profile=RESIZE_400xA nice big blanket cake …

    12309067270?profile=RESIZE_400xWandi 11 packing the blankets away under Viv’s eagle eye !

    12309067489?profile=RESIZE_400xWandi, Wandi 2, Vivienne and Lindi

    12309068061?profile=RESIZE_400xStore room tidied up too.

    12309068253?profile=RESIZE_400xAdorable toy and great squares received from Vicky L in UK.

    12309068281?profile=RESIZE_400xKelly’s Tshokwane group already half way to 57 blankets.


    Wishing everyone a happy Christmas with sincere thanks for every item donated this year

    Wandi 2, Ronda, Wandi, Vivienne and Lindi

  • From Estelle on November 29...getting ready for a Christmas distribution.

    We didn’t meet yesterday for our fortnightly get together sorting post and bundling squares to make blankets for KNIT- A- SQUARE.
    This week has been set aside to gather all the Christmas blankets still out there.
    We could not have done this without all our fabulous contributors, the ladies at the barn collecting Christmas squares and passing them on to us, Elaine from our group always ready to crochet a heart, a star, a red or green square or whatever we needed to make our blankets special for the children and of course Ronda who never says NO to any request we have.
    Everyone has gone the extra mile this year to make this a very special Christmas distribution. Thank you
    12308685684?profile=RESIZE_400xMy Partner in crime, Athele, finishing off her delightful Christmas blanket before we start counting and packing for the Christmas distribution….Ath we need a pic of this one.
    12308686098?profile=RESIZE_400xI collected 3 from Audrey…love those frogs of Amy's to bits.
    12308686665?profile=RESIZE_400xI wonder who knitted the snowman and Christmas tree? Love them.
    12308686499?profile=RESIZE_400xI spy appliqués from Bev our appliqué queen.
    12308687063?profile=RESIZE_400xLiz kindly delivered her last Christmas blankets.
    12308686893?profile=RESIZE_400xI still need to edge this one.
    12308687655?profile=RESIZE_400xBusy edging this one with red as Liz requested….it’s looking good Liz
    12308687857?profile=RESIZE_400xI collected two stunning blankets from Sweetie this morning.
    12308687900?profile=RESIZE_400xAnother stunner.
    12308688093?profile=RESIZE_400xThe next two are from me thanks for all the fabulous squares Elaine…
    Not great pics but my sitting room is overflowing with red, green and white.
    12308688660?profile=RESIZE_400xBeautiful squares from Bev Australia🇦🇺 , Mili Croatia 🇭🇷 and Cath the UK 🇬🇧. Now that’s International for you!
    12308688864?profile=RESIZE_584xJust a few of our fabulous blankets. 🎄🎄🎄 Thanks team for making them all so special. Christmas.
  • Here is Ronda's report from November 28...

    We had some post today which was special … and Mateo joined us to help out for the morning.
    12308679891?profile=RESIZE_400xBusy Mateo …
    Always good to have someone young in the barn who can climb up the ladder without getting vertigo; fold and carry piles of blankets; and stretch tall or bend low without having a head rush and having to hold onto the furniture to stop from falling over !
    All blankets must face the same way for Viv … here she is teaching Mateo how to get it right.12308680285?profile=RESIZE_400x12308681254?profile=RESIZE_400xBlankets photographed this morning… waiting for Viv to place tidily on the shelves !
    12308681482?profile=RESIZE_400xHi Norma.
    12308681863?profile=RESIZE_400xRonda making blanket packs for the Gogos.
    Squares from Croatia 
    12308682476?profile=RESIZE_400xBeautiful blanket from Patricia
    Another beauty from Patricia
    12308682870?profile=RESIZE_400xFour gorgeous blankets from Amy - above and following...
    Two large parcels received from Croatia.
    12308683078?profile=RESIZE_400xLindi sorting …12308683661?profile=RESIZE_400xLovely colourful squares 
    12308683875?profile=RESIZE_400xThis morning’s blanket cake. All photographed !
    12308684481?profile=RESIZE_400xOur blanket cake area from last week …
    This is our second last Barn day this year, we decided. We had thought to close on 12th December but that has changed now, to 5th December which will give us a full month away.
    Opening on Tuesday Jan 9th 2024 👏🏼
    The two Wandi’s went off to Soweto to deliver blanket packs to Chiawelo and Dobsonville Gogo groups, and to collect 54 completed blankets which we will photograph next week.
    Wandi 2 and Wandi 1 off to Soweto
    It is blazing hot on the highveld at the moment 🥵 even when the odd evening shower of rain comes to help us cool down a bit !
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    • Photos and report from November 7.

      Such a happy morning in the new KASBarn this morning with MOST WELCOME visitors, Stelle and three delightful Gracepoint friends Bron, Bev and Shay who brought yummy eats with them to share !
      Shay sorting like an old pro !
      12309082900?profile=RESIZE_400xStelle was over the MOON to be in the barn and open these wonderful Christmas squares from Bev J.
      12309083654?profile=RESIZE_400xRonda’s current project … knitting squares to go around this gorgeous, colourful centerpiece!
      12309083484?profile=RESIZE_400xBeautiful blankets made by the old Waterval Village group (Jill, Carmen and Sheila)
      and dropped off this morning by Carmen’s husband Geoff.
      12309084060?profile=RESIZE_400x12309084092?profile=RESIZE_400xSome exquisite blankets received today.
      12309084693?profile=RESIZE_400xLovely alphabet squares included in a batch of 70 - from Sue Sky.
      There was a small amount of post (plus some leftover parcels from the previous week)
      which kept everyone busy and challenged !
      It was raining so hard - all morning - that we decided against driving to Soweto to deliver bags of squares for 3 or 4 Gogo groups … but that will happen next week 😍😘 and we are grateful for their patience!
      Thanks to our amazing contributors, it was another super morning at Knit-a-square.


      Knit-a-square. 14,813 likes · 26 talking about this. Helping to keep the orphans of South Africa warm.
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    • News from the Barn on October 10.

      We welcomed Vera to the Barn and she jumped right in to sort and bundle.

      12308715060?profile=RESIZE_400x12308715252?profile=RESIZE_400xThe tables might be empty now...but just wait.

      12308715670?profile=RESIZE_400xNorma wonders just where everyone is going.

      12308716055?profile=RESIZE_400xLindi, Vera, Wandi, Wandi 2 our new KAS Van driver and Norma.

      12308716093?profile=RESIZE_400xWhat color Wandi?  Pink or Blue...Vivienne wants to take both.

      12308716653?profile=RESIZE_400xLindi is showing off these darling dolls that arrived in the post today.

      12308716494?profile=RESIZE_400xLook at all those colors.


      More colorful items to sort.

      12308718053?profile=RESIZE_400x12308718065?profile=RESIZE_400x12308717899?profile=RESIZE_400x12308718454?profile=RESIZE_400x12308718288?profile=RESIZE_400x12308718300?profile=RESIZE_400x12308718682?profile=RESIZE_400xYarn/wool donations


      Thank you Conrad for our new sign on The Barn.


      Wandi 1 and Wandi 2 off for a distribution in Soweto.

    • Twice a month, some KAS volunteers meet at Estelles house to sort, assemble, and show off their creations.  Here are the photos from October 3.

      12308705662?profile=RESIZE_400xEstelle, Ana and Audrey showing off some of their Christmas blankets.

      12308705858?profile=RESIZE_400xAudrey, Elaine and Liz are busy sorting through all the new post.

      12308705888?profile=RESIZE_400xSo many squares to choose from.

      12308705699?profile=RESIZE_400xThe super blankets from Antoinette Nothling.

      12308706090?profile=RESIZE_400xSquares from Sharon Bedgood, love the new colours!

      12308706682?profile=RESIZE_400xLiz showing off her blanket.

      12308707067?profile=RESIZE_400xLiz, our pastel queen with a bunny from Sharen Stennet.

      12308707093?profile=RESIZE_400xLiz with squares of all sizes.

      12308707654?profile=RESIZE_400xWho needs 101 Dalmatians?  I like these two.

      12308708068?profile=RESIZE_400xAudrey is opeing a parcel from River John Square Knitters in Canada.

      12308707693?profile=RESIZE_400x12308708260?profile=RESIZE_400xAudrey shows off one of her blankets.

    • Here are Lindi's photos from October 3...

      12308699466?profile=RESIZE_400xLindi showing off her golden beanie.

      12308699869?profile=RESIZE_400xVivienne has her own yellow beanie.

      12308700052?profile=RESIZE_400xWandi is busy packing up blankets for a distribution.

      12308700653?profile=RESIZE_400xOur sorting bins are getting rather full.

      12308700674?profile=RESIZE_400xWandi showing off a marvelous blanket with some of Sharen Stennet's bunnies.

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