Just moved to the Southern Higlands of NSW - its like England but down under.  Lots of mad wool addicts here and some real wool too which is still on the hoof.  I must find my wool stash and needles in the packed boxes.  All the heaters are on .....brrrrr

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  • Hi Barbara

    Yes the weather isn't the best 'downunder' at the moment, unless you are in the northern parts of this great country. I am in the south west of W.A. and we are about to have winds of up to 125 kms/hr some time tomorrow. This is the third time it has been forecast in the last two weeks. So far (touch wood) we have escaped any damage, pretty much. It is the waiting to see how it is going to be that is stressful.

    If you consider yourself a mad wool addict, you are among friends. I think it must almost be a prerequisite for becoming a KASer....lol.

    I hope you find your wool stash soon....happy knitting!!  And stay warm :-)

    • I love how wools brings us gals together

      Barbara and 9kg cat Monty







      • That's not a cat!!! Must be a mountain lion...lol  Would love to see a pic of him one day....

        • The power has been out for about the last four hours....hope its fixed soon....Thank goodness for portable generators.

          • How is life there this week Bev and Barbara ?  Here in the UK we are all moaning about our terribly wet weather - worst June for 100 years - but at least we don't have 125mph winds - well not round here anyway, but someone in my county was swept away in a flood last week.  Are you safe and sound with power back on?

            • Hi Pam...yes thanks it came back on an hour or two later. The 125km/h winds that we were dreading yet again never eventuated...the severe weather warning was cancelled. At the moment we are enjoying a few days of sunny winter weather (until the weekend), but the nights and early mornings are bitterly cold. Never mind, before you know it we will be complaining of the heat and the dreaded snakes. I just want to know what ever happened to spring and autumn???.....lol. :))

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