Sometimes it is good to air your problems.


My name is Jennifer and I am a yarnaholic.


Thankfully my stash doesn't look all that scary in this picture. Okay not quite all of it is here and some of is is hiding behind others but it doesn't seem too bad does it? I'm sure there are many more of you with bigger bundles lurking in your homes.

To the left is 2 baby blankets for family babies, a big pile of squares I'm working on for KAS and my March hats which I haven't posted yet. To the right is a bundle of pieces for a friends wedding present blanket which is cream and light blues. The very front has a bundle of beautiful cotton/silk mix that I bought a year ago to make a throw-over for myself but haven't gotton round to it yet. Front right is one of my hat looms with a hat started on it. 2 of my other sized looms also have the beginnings of hats. I wanted them all to be started for a talk I am doing at the end of the month so that everyone there can have a go at hats, knitting or crochet. No one will escape having at least a little go.


Well I have shown you mine, now you show me yours (if you think you're brave enough)




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  • BIG NEWS!!

    This discussion, started by Jeni (Harrison's Mom) in 2010, has been going on for almost four years and has expanded to 290 pages. It has been one of the most popular meeting spots on the Forum.

    We have decided to combine it with your other favourite discussion: Anyone Feel Like A Chat?

    This discussion is now closed for replies, so please hop on over to Bev Jeffery's new discussion Share a Yarn at  the new place for Chatters and Yarnaholics to meet.

    We thank Jeni (Harrison's Mum) and Kalai for initiating these wonderful avenues for sharing, which will be archived and still available for reading and reminiscing. In a couple of weeks, we will tuck them away in Closed Discussions

  • This has made my jaw drop.  Note the crochet hooks and knitting needles being used as posts and pillars. Lion Brand posted this: "A sneak peek of one of the amazing fiber art sculptures in our booth at theCraft & Hobby Association show! This pic was taken back when it was still in progress in artist Nathan Vincent's studio." This is taking place in California.


    • Wow! How beautiful! Must send this to my friend, Kym.

  • All you yarnaholics out there, can anyone advise me?  I have several 100gm balls of acrylic double knitting in BLACK to use up!  Obviously it's not suitable for South African children as it is; I thought of running it together with another strand of double knitting yarn in other colours.  Would that be OK, do you think, either for thicker  knitted squares or for long sleeved jumpers? If so, what colours would you suggest, bright and varied?   Roz x

    • I have the same situation. In the donated yarn I received last year there was a lot of black in varying thicknesses. I combine it with any bright colour for making squares, but specially for cuddles and hats. It can provide some really good contrast if you stripe it with another colour, or, with finer yarn, I double or triple it with bright red or yellow, or any colour that takes my fancy. If you don't want it to be too thick you can double it with a finer yarn. Try it with a colourful variegated sock yarn.It can also be a dramatic edging for a brightly coloured square. The only limit is one's imagination and not using it as a solid block of colour I think. The nice part is that once you've played around a little, if you don't like the result you can just unpick and try something new! Have fun!

      • Many thanks ladies, my black stash doesn't seem so grim now.  I'll post photos later in the year with the results of your consultations.....Roz x

        • Black is great Roz! It goes with most things, my favourites being hot pinks, orange and lime green. It blends with many colours and looks good with pastels that way. I like making zebra squares (and adding a tail), using it in slip-stitch patterns to show off variegateds and brights, bordering grannies - a whole blanketsworth of colourful grannies edged with black looks effective, and so on - as well as making striking stripe effects by varying the number of rows. There are lots of brilliant ideas in the Photo section.

          I would just like to be able to make anything - having messed up my hands over Christmas I still daren't knit or crochet at all.  I didn't realize there was so much spare time to kill or so little on television.

          • You make me laugh Christine I have had nearly a year of enforced bedrest for my mashed up thumb joints and I just started again yesterday with no probs. I agree TV is so limited and spare time is suddenly no joy at all. I can't imagine what I did before KAS. Housework perhaps? All the best for your dear hands and a quick recovery.

            • My best wishes to both of you, Sue and Christine, for speedy healing.  I am finding I have to limit how much knitting I do at a time due to my wonky shoulder, usually 4 or 5 rows max on a sweater front and right now I can't do any crochet at all. Vexing and yes, there does seem to be a lot of time in the day.  I am glad that I can still type alright and do that for a bit. I love all these suggestions for black and will, when I find  some, give it a go myself.

              My biggest problem is in working with bright colors and black I always think of licorice allsorts, a downfall of mine, and the last thing I need to do is sit here and snack on those!!!


              • One crocheted granny yesterday and two so far today so all is looking bright. So looking forward to knitting but will make do with crochet for now as it was knitting (probably) that caused the problem. Thank you for your good wishes.

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