Tuesday March 6th - Friday March 9th

Hope to see some of you there. Last year was a great success for spreading the word about KAS and a great time was had by all!




although if 2011 is anything to go by, there will be no need for encouragement !




There is entertainment all 3 nights


I have spoken to the organisers and they are happy if some people wish to join us just for one day to help on the stall, I just need your names so you can be added to the guest list at the gates but it would be great if you could join us for the whole 3 days



Myself and Pam Antink will be there and would love to meet as many of you as possible


for more information please check out the link



Please take a look at last years event on the photos tab

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  • WOW! Your efforts are overwhelming. You all did such a fantastic job and what results! :o)

  • Have finally got the report written, so here goes!

    Arrival Day - Tuesday

    Unloaded the trusty Citroen Berlingo (a van poshed up into a car, colour : Sahara Gold - metallic beige to you and me) around noon.  Was greeted by Richard the assistant manager as I attempted to find the KAS area in the Coral Beach block.  Amazed and absolutely delighted to discover that instead of being squashed in the corner we had been allocated the huge coffee area!  The refreshments had been relegated to our previous location!

    Pam J's Tombola prizes were part of my consignment, plus boxes of yarn, needles, KAS Banner, Nobo board, and, all the 'just-in-case' bits & bobs!  Then hot-footed to find the lovely apartment that was home for a few days.  Once the personal belongings were arranged in wardrobe, draws & cupboard, needed to go back to reception as the introduction envelope didn't contain a meal coupon!  Whilst being dealt with, further along the counter a lady who had her back to me was asked her name - Carol Playford was the reply!  Friends re-united! 

    Met up with Carol and Tracye in our lovely new luxury sized quarters and very quickly arranged the tables, chairs, display area and the Tombola tables.  All the time wondering if we would fill all the chairs and tables, had we brought too much yarn etc.,  We did receive some squares from people who came last year and knitted some all through 2011 - they came checking out the location of the KAS and the craft classes they were planning to attend on Wed & Thur.  [Tuesday is just a setting-up day.]

    Day 1 - Wednesday - our first knitters at around 8.30 - with everything set-up and ready to go!



    It was agreed that as an early riser, I'd 'man' the stand to greet and help to get things going.  Almost instantly, from 8.30am people started grabbing needles & yarn to sit at the tables or asking if they could take to knit elsewhere while waiting for classes.  Within a very short time people were knitting all over the place and as the day progressed wherever you went - outside or other buildings you would see knitters!

    Carol having a 'free moment' used the time to stitch-in loose ends.


    Thankfully, Carol arrived and plunged in giving advice and helping the knitters.  I'm not a very good knitter, and, Carol saw a couple of rows I did on a square that had been started by someone - and she agreed, my talents lie elsewhere!  We were very concerned about the whereabouts of Pam J, but as Carol explained in her report, Pam's mobile couldn't get a signal!

    Pam J soon had her Tombola up and running, and, thanks to Elaine's super prizes it was very attractive to ladies who enjoy a little flutter!  They also enjoyed exchanging banter with our vivacious Pombola Lady!

    The squares start to pile up!


    Our marathon Knitter, yes another Pam, reappeared and put in another sterling knitting performance for the two days.  She had hoped to attend the Belly Dancing Classes, but was slighty under the weather having got wet through the day before.  Belly Dancing's loss was KAS's gain!

    Pam our marathon knitter of 2011 & 2012 is so focused she doesn't realise Wool Girl has sneaked into the photo!



    As the day wore on there was no let-up of knitters coming and going.  However, two of the delightful and, I have to say, handsome young Butlins famous Redcoats joined the ladies and took an interest in the knitting and its purpose.  Josh and Kyle certainly made the ladies feel valued, but I'm not certain they learned enough to start a sweater.....


    Refreshment wise we'd been carefully looked after by the 'coffee boys', but hadn't had time to eat at all!  About 5pm we managed to get away and headed for the dining room for another lovely meal, then to crash out on the apartment sofa.  After 10 minutes decided TV in bed seemed a good idea (not something I do at home) and having climbed in promptly nodded off! 


    Day 2 - Thursday


    Fortunately, I'd remembered to set the alarm clock, but with 40 years of rising at around 5.30am I still beat it.  As soon as your curtains are opened the local ducks, who know a good feeding station when they see it, waddle over to beg for food - this year I was prepared for them with grain & flakes. [Last year they had to settle for diced up pitta bread.]

     Some of the knitters from Day 1 returned again!2965004235?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    It was another manic morning and I was frantically trying to match up a bag of needles of gentleman had brought in which had belonged to his late Mother-in-Law.  As fast as I was finding a pair, people were requiring them to start yet more squares.  Squares were flooding in - it almost felt that the entire camp had stayed up all night knitting them.


    Two more Redcoats - Gavin & Craig visited the stand and chatted with our knitting ladies, and, Josh & Kyle visited again too!  Must admit they do look lovely and vibrant in their beautiful red jackets and white apparel, and, they certainly know how to get people smiling!


    Pam J took up the knitting loom and instruction book I'd decided to relinquish into her custody. She plunged in, using some strange looking Pom Pom yarn - much to her delight and everyone around a hat started to emerge - very quickly.  The loom was without doubt a star, and, attracted other passing people and Pam was soon surrounded by curious onlookers who bombarded her with questions!  Poor Pam had only read the first two lines of loom instructions as she wanted the instant gratification of playing with it.  However, no one minded and as Pam was willing to demonstrate the technique and showed people the book.

     Pam's Pom Pom Hat still being loomed and here's that Wool Girl again!2965004456?profile=RESIZE_480x480

    This year, a photographer from Yours Magazine took photos of a group of knitters and we gave his assist a KAS flyer with our details.  We are hopeful that we might be featured in a coming issue.  The magazine is published fortnightly, so we'll let you know!


    As Carol mentioned around 350 squares were produced over the 2 days and Pam's Tombola stall raised around £250+ towards the cost of posting the squares to Ronda and the SA team.  Many more people promised to knit through the year again as they really liked the idea that they were truly making a difference to the lives of the children.


     We managed to take notes between us to produce a logistics list for next years event as we want it to be even bigger and better.  Hopefully, Linda Simmons, who started it all, will be well enough to be with us in 2013. These first two years have really been a great learning curve, but the over-riding desire and purpose is to spread-the-word and raise awareness of this wonderful organization called KAS.

    • Hi Pam great report you certainly were kept on yor feet.  Well done again to everbody, it makes me feel so happy that this event will be going as long as Yours Live, hopefully many, many years to come.

      Blessings to all.Xx

    • Fantastic effort Pam and what a great sharing over everything!! Yarn and love. It was great to see Wool-Girl there encouraging people. Thank you for taking her and her twin for a stroll around the room. Maudie xx (mother of Wool-Girl)

    • Thanks for sharing, Pam. It sounds like loads of fun!!!

      It was also great to see our Aussie Wool-Girl making an appearance. Maudie will be pleased.

    • Fabulous All of it !!!! Thanks so much for putting it up.

  • Even if I couldn't be there this year, I was delighted to be involved in a small way and I'm so pleased the cross stitch kits were well received - as well as making lots of money!  Well done to Carol and the two Pams for making the event such a success again this year. 

  • Well done ladies and thank you. Sounds like you had great fun. Wish I could have been there.
    • This sounds like a wonderful event.....can't beat a good chin-wag whilst knitting!!! lol. Congratulations to you all for your fantastic efforts on behalf of KAS...pity we don't have any medals 'hanging around'..because you certainly all deserve one......A HUGE WELL DONE!!!!! Now put your feet deserve it!

      • I was just wondering about the boxes of wool if there are any specialised wools like Mohair it would be nice if KAS members got the chance to buy some of it, I would certainly be interested, just a thought.....


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