Yours Live 2013






Well folks, it’s that time of year again!


The dates for this years ‘Yours Live’ is Tuesday March 5th – Friday March 8th    

at Butlins, Skegness 





Three wonderful days of crafting events and people joining us to knit a square or two or three and more!


Also includes good food and excellent entertainment!!


If you would like to join us or have any questions then simply contact me.


To read reports on last years’ event, and maybe encourage you to join us, here is a link;




To find out more simply click on the link which will take you to the magazines’ information page;


For information about accommodation or booking please click this link;

Yours Live 2013


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  • We are immensely disappointed to be told that Yours Live 2014 is not now going to take place.  I suspect that it cost the magazine too much to put it on and it will not be repeated.  They say there will be other "events" but the format of YL was so perfect for us.  It is a huge blow to our funding income so if anyone has not yet signed up for Easyfundraising  please think of doing so and asking friends and family to support us to send the large volume of squares that are donated.

    • Pam, I'm so sorry to hear your news.  Trust that if this window is closed, another door will open. 

      • Pam I have just read about YL being cancelled. That is so disappointing for you and I really and truly hope another fundraising avenue will open for you. We will all miss the YL update and news that has become part of the KAS story !

    • I am so very sorry, Pam. This really is such a shame. I know something/someone else will come along to help. You all have done too much for KAS for your work to stop now.

      • I agree with Laurie, that is such a shame, Pam...and apart from your fundraising avenue gone up in smoke, we also love hearing about and seeing pics of, your yearly adventure.

        • Thank you both - I'm sure, as you say Laurie, something else will come along.  As for fundraising Elaine and I hope to have both a garden open day and a party next year to raise funds - onwards and upwards!

  • Photos will follow soon but here's the list of items made by Suzanne's Inner Wheel Club:

    1035 squares

    11 sets of hats and scarves

    47 beanies in various sizes

    4 triangular shawls

    4 blankets

    5 knitted clowns   (These are so cute - I tried to keep one but Pam wouldn't let me!!!)

    These are all now heading for our caravan and, as soon as we receive the news that our first shipment has arrived safely, we'll be packing another four boxes of squares, hats, toys and anything else we can cram in.  Happily, Suzanne's group have also been fundraising for us, which is an enormous help. 

    • Wow! What a lot of items! I was trying to reply to this on Monday when suddenly KAS became unobtainable (never happened before). I should be free for Yours Live and can do anything except crochet and I.T. support! Have got a tombola collection building up. What larks! as Dickens says.

      • How lovely if you can join us Anne, we are building up quite a group which will be great as sometimes it gets quite busy and I do go AWOL occasionally to learn to tap dance or something similar!!

        I collect tombola items all year and Elaine is busy making some wonderful things for prizes and sales.  I will post up on UK forum soon to remind people that they can help by collecting tombola items for us.  Meeting Suzanne as a result of YL has been a real boost - not only that her group is knitting for KAS but also that she is an experienced fundraiser and has taken us on as one of her supported international charities via the Inner Wheel.

        I think the knitting response at YL has probably been better than anyone expected - but now that people knit all year to bring the squares there I think we really have to promote the fact that it takes funds to get it to SA and more for Ronda in fuel.

        Carol Pam and Linda started a real swell of interest by first going to YL - what a great result.

        • Yes isn't it great to see something develop year by year. An experienced fundraiser is a fantastic asset as they know what works/doesn't, have loads of contacts and are not afraid to just approach organisations and ASK. You are so right....everyone will knit but packing up, then paying for postage, is another thing altogether so any fundraising is important. Each YL has sounded very busy and also tremendous fun and as I'm now more free than in the past, I'm coming unless prevented by flood fire or pestilence!!!

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