We only received this report in December, but with the loss of the offices and Ronda's ceiling collapse it has only just surfaced!

 Three young Canadian women who are currently (or were) volunteering with the Department of Health in Soweto, were supplied with a PILE of Knit-a-Square items for their Mandela Day outreach at the Emndeni Childrens Home in Zola. 

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  • KAS just goes on and on and it's influence is spreading hugely, and I'm a small part of it, what a lovely thought....Roz x

  • I'm so glad this report surfaced!  It is encouraging to read that KAS is finding and reaching out to organizations like Zola Rehab.  What a win-win for everyone.  As the volume of squares is increasing every year, it must be becoming harder to get  all of them sewn into blankets and distributed by the KAS-team alone.  Partnering with organizations like Zola lets us accomplish more, reach out farther, warm more children.  LOVE IT!

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