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Welcome to the November Challenge!


We have had our first snowfall here in Eastern Canada, and it won’t be long before shopping centres are full with Christmas decorations and all sorts of toys and games. What better time to put our crafting creativity into fun, toy-themed squares for our children!


Classic toys and games like these might be a good start.




Do you have a special memory of a favourite toy or game from your childhood? That could be a wonderful inspiration for squares!


And, don’t forget our favourite toy – crayons. Why you ask?

Why, to make crayon-coloured Plain Janes, like these beauties from Anne P., of course!


After you have had fun and games with your toy and game squares, why not try a Teddy Bear?


Our Pattern of the Month is the wonderful Teddy Hand Puppet designed in knit by Shelley Pearson and in crochet by Andrea Palmatier.

I have never made a knit toy, but I am going to give it a try this month. Won’t you join me?


You will be able to visit our Square Art Galleries here:

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KAS Reaches New Heights for Children

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This will be my last submission for November, but hopefully not my last toy !  I have posted three photos to show how it looks closed ...

Opened ...

And flipped over to play :)))

I will send printed instructions inside the pouch.  This was fun to make, but took me quite a long time to do as the tiny pieces are not intended to be worked with arthritic fingers ... LOL

Laurie, I want to thank you for this wonderful month of fun !!  I have a feeling that a bit of this challenge will sneak in every now and then in the form of another toy, teddy bear, or game.  It's been a real joy to be able to reach back into my childhood for memories and ideas to help to create Toys, Games, and Teddy Bears for our precious little children.  Everyone has done a spectacular job!

And I just love looking at all the photos ... our KAS brag book :))) ... and imagining the fun the children will have with all the fabulousl gifts. xo

My first Izzy Doll and Linen Bunny

A little late I know but here is Flopsy and doll number 1. Doll number 2 is on it's way, as well as Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter rabbit.

Here are some adorable dolls by Annie (USA).  The children will love them !

               040 Two pals            056 Hide and seek

IMG_1950 Group of nine

November Challenge

Toy train needle-felted by Kym, square by me. :)
Not normally a 'green' person, but this was such a pretty colour...think the camera has not shown it at its best...and for some reason the steam is showing up blue on my screen,when in fact it is white.

Sheila's stunningly beautiful puppets.

WOW Sheila!! Your display of puppets is magnificent...so bright and cheerful....I can only imagine the oohs and aahs when these beauties are unpacked in SA.  :))

November Challenge

This teddy was a graph from a dishcloth pattern. I borrowed bits of the facial features from other teddy graphs. His smile ended up a bit funny. :))

November Challenge

A caterpillar (you know, like the stuffed toys for babies)...... needle-felted by Kym, knitted by me. When I saw Kym on the w-end, she said "I will have to knit you another yellow square because I have totally wrecked the one you gave me.". I asked her to bring it in to work and show me anyway....but look... Its FANTASTIC!! A little child is going to LOVE running their fingers over this 3D cutie . Well done, Kym!!!!

This is our last square for November.  :)



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