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This month the Square Heart Award

goes to

Three Close Friends

Kathy P., Kathy C. and Marian


These three wonderful ladies are friends and neighbors(they live in the same close, wink, wink!) from Loughborough, England. They have been sharing their friendship and talent with KAS since 2011.


Working as a team, they send

squares, hats, jumpers, toys, mittens, slip-ins and more!




Marian is the Creator of absolutely adorable cuddly toys.


Kathy C. makes lovely vests, hats squares and more like this lovely, chunky Grace's Vest.


Kathy P. makes stunning jackets like this one.



And, she is the creator of this month's patttern of the month

the Kozy Jumper.

This is a new "jazzy" version!


Together, these three wonderful women send warmth, beauty and joy to the children of South Africa.


Thank you so very much Kathy, Kathy and Marian!


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Three Cheers for the Three Close Friends!

Hip Hip Hooray!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Hip Hip Hooray!  CONGRATULATIONS Kathy, Kathy and Marian.  Your work is wonderful, and I'm sure the children appreciate every beautiful item you send.

Congrats! I'm so happy for you all! You all really deserve this award, I've been astounded by the number of garments you all make! :) Cherry

A well-deserved award. The three of you make a great team.

Congratulations ladies !   You are all so deserving of this award !

WOW - thank you so much for this totally unexpected award - what a very special surprise for us!

There are so many amazing contributors to KAS, we really can't believe it!

We do feel quite honoured that our small (on the grand scale of things!) contributions help to make a difference to the little ones.  Apart from motivating each other, it is seeing the pictures of the children that keeps our needles clicking away -  jumpers/slip overs/hat to help keep them warm, or a soft toy to cuddle and bring comfort.

Thank you KAS for this award, we are very very happy friends indeed! :o)


Congratulations to all 3 of you and many thanks to you for all you do for KAS. XX

Thanks Heather for your lovely comment. We all love helping  the youngsters as much as we can:)

Thankyou so much for this totally unexpected reward. Hard to believe when there are so many other contributors to this good cause. We all really enjoy helping to make a difference to the youngsters lives. It is so lovely to see them wrapped up warm and cuddling a toy.

Thankyou KAS for this award. We are over the moon:)

well done all 3 of you I am so proud of you all I am also a brit hugs  to you all from me xxxx

Thanks Maggie for your lovely comment. We all love helping  the youngsters as much as we can:)

Congratulations, ladies and well done on all your achievements and hard work for KAS children!



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