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The United Nations' (UN) International Literacy Day annually falls on September 8 to raise people's awareness of literacy issues in the world and so we have decided to use EDUCATION as our theme this month.





How do you put education into a blanket??? How about alphabet squares???..... or number squares with counting dots?...... or squares with simple words?........ or squares with geometric shapes??? I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Remember - these are for little children, so they need not be elaborate... they just need to be fun and bright.



As always, our greatest need is for plain jane squares to go with the embellished ones..... So, all you plain jane knitters, think about bright, crayon colours this month and please post your squares here - we want to see them! In so many of the photos, the brightest things in the creches are the blankets made from our squares.



We’ve all seen, in the distribution photos, some creches where a huge effort is being made to give the children a head start before they go off to ‘real school’.... and we’ve seen others, which are so short of supplies that they seem like somewhat dismal places. You can see in this photo what a difference receiving these little extras makes to the care-givers.


This is a great month to consider adding slip-ins of much needed supplies, so if you find some, post a photo in the discussion.

For those of you who want a change from making squares, you might consider making picture books like these from Helen Flagg’s group.

For inspiration, you might want to check out Andrea Palmatier’s wonderful downloadable set of flashcards here


AND IT’S ABOUT OUR BREAKING NEWS .........We have a new addition in the Shop this month. For a just $5.00, you can provide a ream of paper (500 sheets) or a set of exercise books for a creche in need.

If you are able, please consider making a donation here. This is an inexpensive way of providing much-needed paper for the children, and since it is so heavy to mail, you will save the postage costs.

Since this item appeared in the Shop a couple of weeks ago, 40 Reams of Paper have been purchased by our members. Hopefully, since our focus is on Education this month, the total will have risen by the end of September. Watch for an update!

A creche with 25 children will use up a ream in a month - even if they only get one sheet per day.


Our wonderful Laurie Fortier has already set up the Pinterest page for this challenge......  it's just waiting for your creations at



Thanks to Gitta our Education Photo Album is up and running at



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Well, off we go KASfolk....... back to school (at least in the northern hemisphere0

I hope you will enjoy this month's theme.  I know it sounds a bit odd... but the secret is "to think like a little kid" and remember the things that delighted you back then.

Here's my first "word square" which also appears above. The duck has a 'flappy' wing which really doesn't show up.

 and here are some slip-ins I found in our dollar store - such fun to have an excuse to buy these things when you don't have any little ones at home anymore

These look great Anne! I have lots of school supplies slipins - so much so that I am worried I don't have enough squares to send with them! I'll try to post pics of them later..camera issues. Great job starting this challenge! :)

What a FUN and thought-provoking challenge and introduction, Anne. LOVE your duck!!!  :))

Love the slip-ins.  The ducky is sooo cute!

The little duck is soooo cute, and soft, too.   With flapping wings, no less.  A winner for sure.

Great slip-ins, too.  You always find great, fun, colorful, amusing treats to slip in.

Love the duck, and your slip ins, but especially love the green background - my favourite colour!

These are all great, Anne.  I absolutely love your little ducky !

Maggie I see that neon bright colors are "all the rage" right now so you are right on the money with ordering some brightly colored wool.   Way to go on doing the stripes, I have yet to figure out how one does 1 row striping in knitting, it seems to me the yarn is always at the wrong end of the row for you to pick it up for the next row, know what I mean?

Hi, Jeanne.... I'm relatively new to knitting, so I've struggled with the idea of one row stripes in knitting, too.   I'm looking forward to reading what other members might suggest.  Until other, more experienced knitters chime in, I have one suggestion for you ... if you use a circular needle, but just knit back and forth, you can knit one row, slide the stitches to the other point of the needle so that you are back to the edge where you dropped your main color, pick up the main color and knit along.  If you aren't going to use the alternate color again, you will still have tails at both ends of the row to weave in.  Also, you will now be working on the Wrong Side of the work, so that might effect your choice of stitch.  Good luck.

I love shopping for slip-ins!  Here's my first contribution and like Cherry I'm going to need to crochet quite a few squares to balance the parcel :-)

And a crayon square in what I would call  'cobalt' blue.

Love that blue!  What fun slip-ins!  I think I got the same purple and pink skipping ropes which will appear later,  With so little play equipment, I think the kids will love these.

Wonderful goodies Linda! And such a beautiful square. It looks so warm!



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