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There is not actual report for this distribution! Tiny's Creche was just over the road from Mmakwenadi and as there were enough blankets left over, rather than take them back to our offices it was decided to distribute them to Tiny's.

As you can see from the photographs they were surprised and extremely pleased to receive them!

Here is the link to the original report : REPORT FROM MMAKWENADI

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Just beautiful.  :))

The smiles on some of those little faces just makes my heart melt.

What BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!! thank you.

But where are the toys? they need toys? I thought that the 'toy gap' had been filled? Will go and find more after xmas if so!

It may well have been that the toys were handed out later Mary. Ronda tells us that whilst the kids will happily queue up for a hat, hand-warmers and blankets, the toys have to be kept hidden because of the pandemonium and squeals of delight that ensue when they catch sight of the toys - queuing goes right out of the window! As we can see this place is looking after a lot of kids in a tiny space.

phew!! I will go on a toy hunt in the new year....

Makes  knitting for KAS all worthwhile to see these youngsters keeping warm & looking happy:))

Lovely photos and the  hats on the littlies look so cute. The blankets are sooo colourful!

What a lot of beautiful children - marvellous photos. I've spotted a few of 'my' hats so I'm delighted to know they've arrived. Now I just need to shed a few of the mince pies I'm wearing and kick- start myself into a Very Knitting New Year! :))  

Congrats on spotting some of your hats, Marjorie.  :)) 

Thank you for the inspiring photos. The children are so beautiful. I have a plain jane green hat finished and some toys I got on sale from ikea that will be sent soon. LOVE the pictures!

That's fab, Arlene. If possible, please add a pic of your toys to the January theme. Amy is keeping a running tally.  :))




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