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August 2016

NOVEMBER THEME 2015: Oceans,Land, Sky and Space

Thank you Anneke for the Square Heart.

Goes to:

Margaret Stannard

& friends!

from Suffolk UK

I hear you all saying how come ? Who is she? That is just why she is the recipient of this award. Margaret is one of our silent contributors who do so much in the background, and are never seen on the forum. Margaret contributes100 squares nearly every month to Christine Johnson who makes them into blankets, and sends them along to KAS SA. Thank you too Christine. Christine who claimed not to know very much about Margaret wrote to me about her, and I have let Christine tell it her own words as It is such a great story and she tells it so beautifully:

."I don't know a lot about Margaret and even less about the other ladies that she has roped in. In 2010 I did a KAS display in my shop window, inviting people to knit a square or two. Not long after Margaret (whom I had never previously met) came into the shop with a large bag containing a hundred squares. This continued every month and after a while I learnt that her name was Margaret Stannard, she lives with her husband  in a nearby village and that she was a regular bingo player. Apparently she plays most evenings and always knits whilst there.  Before very long another lady, Carol, started bringing in bags of squares too and it turned out that she was another bingo player and had heard about KAS from Margaret. From time to time Margaret would bring even more squares - another player, Vi, who is blind had started making them too.

Their knitting at bingo didn't go un-noticed by the management who enquired about it, and then offered to buy Margaret some yarn. She told them that she does get given quite a lot anyway but if they were kind enough to help I would appreciate some postage money, and so they sent me a cheque.

Margaret has continued to bring in a hundred squares at a time, practically every month, and now tells me that she will shortly have made 10,000. Between them the other two must have made another 10,000 as they have kept it up too.

All of them make diagonals - a lot of Margaret's are striped and Vi's are always in bright plain colours. Carol's vary but always diagonals. From time to time I used to make up a whole blanket but mostly they have all been bundled up and sent groups of ten. Dealing with their squares is fairly time-consuming and restricts my own output but I do get to add embellishments and that is useful for recognising them in pictures such as the Blanket Room ones. Obviously the ladies like to know that their work has arrived but they can be difficult to spot. This year I have concentrated on making blankets and that gives me the opportunity to put in a few of my own squares, and those of one or two other contributors."

Christine forwarded some photos too and some of the blankets you may recognise from the forum.

Thank you  to the Bingo manager who provided much needed postage money. Thank you Christine for managing all the gifted squares.

Margaret you are a quiet hero ! Thank you and your bingo friends so much for your squares for KAS.

Beautiful brights and diagonals !

Blankets made of squares from Margaret and friends.


Look at that 10,000th square !

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  • Gosh what an amazing output and achievement - well done everyone concerned!!

  • Congratulations Margaret, Carol and Vi, such a wonderful achievement . Especially being diagonals my favourite. Thank you to Christine for organising this and all your work behind the scene.This will be no small task. How lovely that the bingo manager who helped with postage :)))
  • What a fabulous story. Thank you Margaret and friends for such an amazing contribution to warming the children. :)

  • Margaret, Carol and Vi, CONGRATULATIONS on receiving this award! Thank you for your generous contributions.

    Thank you very much, Christine for your magic touch.  

  • Congratulations to you all! What a great team you are and very worthy recipients of the SHA, thank you for all that you do for the children!

    • Thanks everyone for your comments. I saw Margaret today (when she brought in more squares) and was able to give her a print-out of this thread to show her friends. Apart from her 100 today there was a bag from Vi and another bagful of crocheted squares from a new 'young girl' they've come across, (in our parlance that might just mean that she's not drawing her pension yet). She's apparently been making squares for some time but had no-one to give them to so she has now been directed by Margaret. This batch are in various sizes but as there are quite a lot I think that I can join most of them into two blankets without doing much resizing. She now knows our requirements and I think she will be continuing to add to my ever growing collection.

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    Margaret, Carol and Vi and last but not least Christine for managing and making the squares into blankets, congratulations on the well-deserved Square Heart Award. You all did and still do a fabulous job for the children in SA.

    Warm regards from Holland :)

  • What worthy winners of this lovely KAS award, and of course I include Christine who is that most important person, an enabler for KAS knitters.  There are a few more of you fabulous enablers out there who also deserve a special mention, Gold Stars all round ladies, you know who you are......x

  • CongrTulations Margaret, Carole and Vi on this very well deserved award. These ladies, and many others no doubt, are the unsung heroes who beaver away day in and day out to produce thousands of squares to make the blankets. Thank you ladies. I big thank you must also go to Christine who sorts, orders and sends these squares to Africa year in and year out.
  • Many congratulations to Margaret and her friends. What an extraordinary contribution you are all making; thank you so much!

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