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Welcome to the August theme!

"Bring Me Sunshine!"

I live in the UK, which is NOT renowned for its sunshine. As I prepare this discussion towards the end of July, however, it's been the hottest week of the year, with the temperature in York getting to 33*C - quite unheard of! One thing I do know, though - it won't last!

I'm preparing to travel to Toronto at the end of July and will be over the pond as this discussion launches. The sunshine there is pretty much guaranteed at this time of the year, thank goodness, and I'm packing my lightest clothes.

However, our friends in the southern hemisphere are in their winter and may not be seeing much of the sunshine at all.

By making cheerful, bright, sunshiny squares, we can bring some sunshine into a child's life.

Squares with a yellow and orange theme, therefore, are likely to dominate this month's discussion. However, don't forget the blue sky, from which the sun shines, and the many colours in the ever-varying sunsets and sunrises.

Here are some of KAS members' previous creations to inspire you and get your creative juices running:

And finally, don't forget that...

We have a photo album set up to display all your sunny photos together - it can be found here:

(Please don't forget to add your photos to the main photos page as well as in this discussion, so that they can be easily transferred.)

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  • August 2016 Theme - Bring Me Sunshine

    Last 2 two squares for August. The blue is not really bright....just a muted mid blue, but took the pic in the sunshine and so the camera 'illuminated' it.. Yes, we have sunshine here today!!!!! There are a few shadows over the squares, too. Numeracy skills were lacking in the left square and so the sun wasn't centred.... added a couple of clouds to try and even it

    Thank you for hosting this month, Heather. It has certainly been a month of sunshine.  :))

    • What a lovely sunny end to the theme :))

    • Beautiful squares Bev. I think the addition of clouds is a great idea.

    • Fabulous squares Bev - they really made me smile at the start of my weekend!
  • 2886790508?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Last 5 pairs for the August theme.

    • Joan, EVERY time I see your handwarmers, the old hymn comes into my mind: "All things bright and beautiful..."! They are just so lovely.

      I think my favourite here is the blue and orange pair.

    • BEAUTIFUL, Joan.....started to pick a fave, but really, I think they all are.

      You've brought lots of sunshine to this month.  :))

  • Thanks for all the thanks! I've really revelled in everyone's creativity this month.

    Also, I'd like to say a big 'thank you' to Linda Maltby for stepping in to make this discussion 'live'  - when I was having technical issues in Canada - and also to Anne Powell for setting up and then having to keep on updating the photo album, for the same reason (my trip to Toronto wasn't planned when I agreed, before Christmas, to host this month's challenge).

    Yes, August in the UK has definitely been sunnier than usual - wonderful! However, the sunny evenings are already getting noticeably shorter and autumn is just around the corner. Lucky southern hemisphere folks who can look forward to spring!

    We started with a sunshine quote - I thought it would be fitting to end with one:


    • How appropriate :))

  • Thank you Heather for hosting such a great theme , this month. I think you must have been the UK's lucky mascot as we have certainly had a month of sunshine .Can we book you for next summer ?? :)))
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