• Thank you so very much to everyone who participated in our Tally Rally!  As you know, the actual number will be much higher once the squares are counted in S.A.  However, please take a moment to think about this ...

    Each square that we've counted here was created and/or counted by one of your KAS friends who frequents our Square Circle Forum.  Take a moment to notice your fellow crafters.  We visit the discussions, ask questions, encourage each other, offer tips to one another, trade patterns, and generally lift each other up as we all work toward a common goal.  In the process we - our little band of crafters - have knit or crocheted

    17,444 squares -

    enough to warm

    498 children!!! 

    2020 was not a bumper year for any of us, but together we did a grand job.  Please, everyone, take a bow :))


    I wish each and every one of you

    all the best

    ... always

    ... in all ways

    ... xo

  • Thank you Glo for starting our 2020 Tally Rally, and keeping us on track! It has been good to see something so positive during such a difficult year!
    Im adding 35 for a blanket that I forgot to add!

    New Total: 17,444



    Happy New Year Everyone,

    all the best for 2021 ! 

  • I’m adding my squares for November & December = 38. 
    New Total:  17284

  • Hiya - just to keep my stats with you up to date, since 21 Oct when I last reported in I've done 107 squares which need adding...........

    so 17,139  + 107 = 17,246  (not including Rebeccas above)

  • Adding 138 squares for the River John Square Knitters.  New total is:


    • I sent 65 squares - but they were ones that had been donated to me and were all either a 8x7 inches or 8x9 inches.  Will they count?

  • Another 35 squares to add to the tally

    New total: 17001

  • Just remembered to add 35 for my Sweet Pea blanket:

    New total  16966

    Who's going to add one more blanket to take us over 17000?

  • Thanks, Chris!  I'll add 44 more to bring our total to:


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