• The last distribution for 2022 was made on December 13, 2022.  Wandi, Themba, Estelle and Ronda headed out on a very rainy day to Velankosi Day Care in Soweto and have sent back these wonderful photos and videos.


    Mbali who runs the center.
    10914835860?profile=RESIZE_710x10914835673?profile=RESIZE_710x10914835886?profile=RESIZE_710x10914836654?profile=RESIZE_710x10914836492?profile=RESIZE_710x10914837078?profile=RESIZE_710x10914837088?profile=RESIZE_710x10914837296?profile=RESIZE_710x10914837675?profile=RESIZE_710x10914837687?profile=RESIZE_710x10914837890?profile=RESIZE_710x10914838086?profile=RESIZE_710x10914838290?profile=RESIZE_710x10914838671?profile=RESIZE_710x10914838866?profile=RESIZE_710x10914839259?profile=RESIZE_710x10914839691?profile=RESIZE_710x10914839293?profile=RESIZE_710xA beautiful thank you letter from Mbali.
    Ronda, Mbali, and Wandi
    • My very favourite page, to see everyone's hard work reach the children.  The very reason we all do what we do.  

      Happy New Year to everyone involved in any way with KAS.

      I now am looking forward to a successful 2023 as well.

    • Lovely to see lots of Christmassy colours on a dull rainy day. I Love the Santa toys too, they match the blankets beautifully.

    • Fabulous, Amy. That was worth waiting for! Love the Santa dolls.

  • On a very rainy Sunday, December 11, Athele and her sister Jane made a special distribution to an informal settlement near Soweto.  Here is her lovely report and incredible photos.

    What a treat to share the experience of a Knit a Square distribution with my sister in law Jane, who once was a best school friend and is now also a Knit a Square contributor. 🥰
    She and my brother brought over a dedicated tog bag crammed with 80 soft thick squares for Knit a Square that she’s been assiduously working on since last they were here a few years back! Jane mentioned how nice it would be if we could do a distribution while she was here, so I sewed like crazy and managed to rustle up a few more, thanks Linda Curtis and Estelle McLeod and luckily had a contact, who gave us a corner of the informal church in Thabo Mbeki informal settlement, outside Johannesburg, and who could quickly gather sixteen children together for us.
    10910142900?profile=RESIZE_710xThis doll comes from Bozica Balenovic Duracic and the Ellie square is from Ada Breeuwer.
    10910144865?profile=RESIZE_710xLiz sewed this blanket together with squares from the US. The  mother was so grateful for this legacy coming to her new born baby boy.
    10910146262?profile=RESIZE_710x10910146078?profile=RESIZE_710xLinda Curtis thanks for rushing to finish this one! Hope you took a pic of it to send into Knit a Square.
    10910147274?profile=RESIZE_710xFabulous lion for this little fella, all the way from Ada Breeuwer in Holland.
    Susanne Leverton, this young girl was Thrilled with her doll from your daughter. Thank you for trusting me to find a worthy home for her and please thank your daughter from this delighted child.
    10910148068?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Lorry square is Tunsian Crochet made by Sharon B.
    Susanne Leverton, I loved the blanket you made and sent in with the doll. So happy to have it to add to my little collection.
    10910149277?profile=RESIZE_710xOne I made from Jane’s super snuggly squares. Even had a random J I’d inherited somewhere along the way!
    10910150076?profile=RESIZE_710x10910152076?profile=RESIZE_710xAndreja Jagacic, I believe this one came in from your ladies … a long time ago perhaps. It got separated somehow from its bag in Mands’ garage, but at last I found it a home with this dear little chap.
    10910152697?profile=RESIZE_710xCathy Riley, all the crochet ones are yours. You sent them absolutely ages ago, but I have them to a friend who wanted to try sew blankets for Knit a Square but didn’t get to it. I only got them back a couple weeks ago.
    10910153069?profile=RESIZE_710xCathy Riley, I’m not sure who put these together but the blanket was given to me as part of the Steytlerville distribution, but I ran out of time.
    10910153670?profile=RESIZE_710xAndreja Jagacic, I had the striped squares from your ladies for ages but took me a very long time to get lain ones to match, now that I don’t get to open parcels anyone my selection pool is way smaller, but I got there and loved the result. 
    10910154463?profile=RESIZE_710xBozica Balenovic Duracic, this is another of your extra cute toys I got to give on your behalf.
    I’ve added pics of some scenes from the neighborhood to give anyone interested enough a fair idea of the life circumstances the children, yesterday served by the worldwide Knit a Square community, live in.
    10910160295?profile=RESIZE_710xCommunal toilet for this homestead.
    10910161094?profile=RESIZE_710x10910161486?profile=RESIZE_710xEnterprising roadside business bordering the settlement.
    10910163055?profile=RESIZE_710x10910166260?profile=RESIZE_710x10910166678?profile=RESIZE_710x10910166896?profile=RESIZE_710x10910167464?profile=RESIZE_710x10910167096?profile=RESIZE_710x10910168262?profile=RESIZE_710x10910168282?profile=RESIZE_710xHope to get back to these kiddies another day. We saw them excitedly calling out to us n the way out, sadly only once our bags were empty. Felt strange to have so few to give, relatively speaking, this time.
    So grateful to every contributor to Knit a Square who crocheted or sewed squares and sent in toys and funded Knit a Square, making any of this possible. You’re all amazing.
    • Fabulous report on this quick distribution.   It is amazing to me that you can keep track of individual squares and who made them!    You all are a truly impressive group.    Thank you for these great reports and the photos that keep us so connected to the children.

    • I bubbled my eyes out reading down all of these pictures + your superb written coverage.    Very emotional indeed.    The fantastically colourful 'makes'  must have lit up the environment sssso much.   Thank you for this ❤️

  • Lindi made a second distribution on November 22, to Ebenezer Day Care. 

    Thank you for the photos Lindi.


    • Excellent..... I see my cream squares with the little car appliques and a lot of my hats.   Th U xx

      • That is so exciting Karen.  Isn't fun to see your items at a distribution?  It just completes the circle and provides inspiration to keep on going.

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