12323357673?profile=RESIZE_710xThis discussion will focus on all the KAS distributions made from October through December 2023.

Many thanks to all our contributors for making these distributions a reality.

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  • I can't get into most of the discussion pages, but somehow managed to get into this distribution page, and I'm so glad I did.   The special Christmas distribution looks so beautiful, and the children look so happy with their blankets and toys.   I know it is probably quite warm in South Africa now, so they can't really enjoy the warmth of the blankets, but they will be able to feel that warmth when needed in a few months, and hopefully for many years to come.

  • I decided to check this morning to see if the Web Page was back up.

    I am so pleased that I did.  I'm delighted to see my Santa blanket on display and I also saw another photo of a child with my Christmas Tree blanket on the snippets pages.  I do hope the children like them.

    I think the second photo down of a child holding a Santa, might have one of the soft toys I sent earlier this year.

  • All these blankets are made from squares sent by Cathy Riley in the UK.  They were well received at the distribution on December 3.


  • Well done Estelle and Athele. What an achievement.

  • What astonishing pictures!!     I had tears in my eyes at the glorious Christmas display across so many tables, and the happy, excited faces of the children are superb to see.   What an atmosphere this must have been, Thank you for sharing. Xx

  • On December 3 Estelle and Athele distributed more than 80 KAS packages to some very deserving children.  Here are photos and messages from our dear ladies...

    Our final day for opening post for KNIT-A-SQUARE 2023. It’s been a year of many changes but wherever we’re working from, the needy children will continue to get their blanket sets and toys from KNIT-A-SQUARE.
    I just had to add a few pics from the Christmas party…
    thank you all who contributed from squares and blankets to donations for eats and drinks.
    You made the children’s day….a day they will remember for many years to come.
    12323359482?profile=RESIZE_400x12323359853?profile=RESIZE_400x12323360064?profile=RESIZE_400x12323360078?profile=RESIZE_400x12323360267?profile=RESIZE_400xCarolyn Stones squares pop up everywhere…love adding one or two to a blanket.
    12323360284?profile=RESIZE_400xMili, Bev and Cathy R. some of your fabulous squares there.
    12323360856?profile=RESIZE_400x12323360868?profile=RESIZE_400x Amy's happy frogs.
    12323361068?profile=RESIZE_400x12323361092?profile=RESIZE_400xAn absolutely STUNNING blanket from Sharon B.
    • More from the December 3 distribution...

      12323361471?profile=RESIZE_400xOne of the last blankets to arrive in the post from Julie Martin.

      12323361487?profile=RESIZE_400x12323361865?profile=RESIZE_400xThe sweetest little girl loved her fluffy toy and Bev’s Santa Clause.

      12323362076?profile=RESIZE_400x12323362480?profile=RESIZE_400xOwl and Ellies from Ada.

      12323362658?profile=RESIZE_400x12323363055?profile=RESIZE_400x12323363655?profile=RESIZE_400x12323363699?profile=RESIZE_400x12323364459?profile=RESIZE_400xOne of Sweeties beautifully made blankets with appliquéd squares made by our appliqué queen Bev Jeffery.

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