• July 25, 2023

    Lindi, Wandi and Themba did a distribution in Protea Glen and collected 45 blankets from the Proteas South Gogo group…super pics from Lindi thanks.

    The following lovely photos are from this distribution.


    • The children seem to have a lovely little outside play area - quite a contrast to some of the places we see.

  • July 18 is Mandela Day, our KAS volunteers were busy on two fronts to make this day a tribute to special meaning to this day.

    Wandi, Ronda, Estelle and Themba traveled to Soweto to distribute 78 blankets to children during this very cold time of year.  Enjoy the photos from our team.

    12150462055?profile=RESIZE_710xHappiness is…..

    12150462081?profile=RESIZE_710xWe got a warm welcome from Cynthia.

    12150462458?profile=RESIZE_710xRonda and Connie decorated these biscuits for the children. Well done!

    12150462870?profile=RESIZE_710xThemba just managed to get the KASvan into the lane.

    12150462888?profile=RESIZE_710xA familiar sight!


    Let us know if you see any or your work in these photos...


    12150463464?profile=RESIZE_710x12150464056?profile=RESIZE_710x12150464074?profile=RESIZE_710x12150463895?profile=RESIZE_710x12150464887?profile=RESIZE_710xSuch a cutie pie12150465087?profile=RESIZE_710x

    12150465260?profile=RESIZE_710xSome of these little guys brought their blankets to me as we wear leaving….

    they couldn’t believe that they were theirs to keep.

    12150465464?profile=RESIZE_710x12150465281?profile=RESIZE_710x12150465292?profile=RESIZE_710xOur beautiful Wandi.

    12150466268?profile=RESIZE_710xThemba shows us the narrow passages - not much space for 73 children to move around.

    12150466872?profile=RESIZE_710x12150467077?profile=RESIZE_710x12150467083?profile=RESIZE_710x12150466684?profile=RESIZE_710x12150467458?profile=RESIZE_710x12150467273?profile=RESIZE_710x12150467487?profile=RESIZE_710xSee what I mean about beautiful children.


    12150466477?profile=RESIZE_710xA beautiful thank you card from Cynthia and the children. Thank you Cynthia you are doing an amazing job with the little ones.

    12150466859?profile=RESIZE_710xThanks Ronda for the following photos - they are beautiful!

    • The distributions pages is always my favourite to look at.

      I am delighted to see that 4 blankets from my recent parcel were included in this distribution and am very pleased that they were given to very needy children so quickly.

      Thank you to everyone at  the KAS barn that make all this possible.

      Sitting knitting in my warm home is the easy part.

    • Three of my blankets in this distribution. I echo everything Sharon says. Proud to be a member of KAS.

    • Fantastic photos from this distribution!  Themba is obviously a very careful driver to get the KAS van into some really tight spaces.

      The blankets looks beautiful and colorful.   I am thrilled to recognize one of my blankets, Tunisian Texture Stripes, wrapped around a darling girl with lovely braids, and beads in her hair. (4th photo from the bottom)

      It is heartbreaking to hear that they thought they had to give the warm blankets back at the end of the visit, but also heartwarming to know that they still have them, and maybe feel a bit better each day that they are warm.

      Thank you so much for taking all the pictures to share with us.

      • That is a very beautiful blanket, Sharon, and it went to a very beautiful little girl!

  • Distribution by Wandi on July 9 at a Methodist Church.


  • The following pics are from Vivienne’s distribution in Soweto on Saturday July 8.






  • From Athele on July 5.

    Knit A Square reaches out all the way to Malawi this time 🥰 The squares for these four beautiful blankets all came from our wonderful indefatigable Cathy Riley's shipment that came in late last year. I had the pleasure of putting these together. And the pleasure of being able to give them to Gift, my gardener, who has children in Malawi. They lost their home in last summer’s floods and have been living in a refugee camp ever since. I’ve been wanting to send items of comfort and warmth from Knit A Square ever since, but how to get them to a remote village. At last, his brother, also affected by the floods and having two children himself, was coming through JoTown en route back home to their remote village. A huge thanks to Cath and her team of merry knitters and crocheters and drivers and supporters for making all this possible.  And Ronda Lowrie, our tireless leader, who trusts me to distribute to the most in need. And Michael Mumm’s contribution of a box 📦 of wonderful yarns from his late Mother, herself an avid knitter and crocheter. All that yarn has been keeping me stocked up with edging yarn, somehow yielding the exact colour I need each time. I love that her legacy lives on too in these blankets that will be enormously appreciated in these two families in Malawi where help is so desperately needed and items of comfort a rarity.


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