Recently a booklet of knitting patterns for 8" squares became available for FREE download in our KAS Shop.

I am challenging myself to make one of every pattern by 2022 (17 weeks away!).    Many of the 35 designs are new to me and may prove difficult to accomplish, but I will give them all a good go!!

To benefit KAS through my challenge I would appreciate US$ sponsorship per different pattern square, or as nominated US$  pledge for my total effort.

Wish me luck!  

(Money to be submitted in January please)


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  • Very sadly my dear friend Pat passed away on Saturday, after a recent troubled and difficult period of ill health.   Pat returned to her crocheting a couple of years ago to help me out by bordering my completed blankets beautifully.    This in turn inspired her to dig into her long forgotten wool stash and go on the make around 25 full blankets for KAS herself.    In Pat's memory and name I have been given £100 to donate to help our needy children feel the love and care from all of us.  Kxx

    • I'm so sorry to hear this, Karen. Losing a good friend is very hard. The donation was a thoughtful gesture at a difficult time.

    • Karen, so sorry to hear of Pat's passing.  I know this is a sensitive time for you. Her latest blanket was so well received in Estelle's rec3ent distribution.

      Please tell this very special donor, thank you from everyone in KAS.  It will go a long way in keeping children warm this winter.

      You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • My sincere condolences, Karen.  xo

      Estelle had recently posted a pic on facebook, of a blanket of Pat's, made from odds and ends in her stash. It was one you had posted here on the forum. I think from memory it was her 16th completed blanket. 

      • Thank you Bev... Yes I am thankful I had the chance to show Pat that before she slipped away.... ❤️

  • I just sent in my pledge.  Great job in making the squares, Karen!

    • Thank you Joy.  I didn't find them difficult and enjoyed some techniques that were new to me.  Your $ is appreciated ❤️

  • Karen, I hope you will bask in the glow of your phenomenal accomplishment for a long time :)  I'm still looking at first base ... from the bleachers ... haha  I will try some of the patterns you made and am planning to make use of the side notes you shared for each square.  Thank you so much!   xo

    • Thank you.  I pondered about leaving comments with each square, so just made note of the technical issues I had.   My years of experience made me see them differently than anyone challenging themselves with less knowledge under their belt so to speak.

      As one or 2 turned out a little scrappy I may reattempt some + present better versions of them in the future ❤️

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