This month we will travel across the continent of Africa with most of our attention on South Africa.

We will explore the treasures of the Egyptian pyramids, the wonders of the Okavango Delta, the majesty of Victoria Falls, the flowing waters of the Nile River, the smells and colors of a Moroccan Bazaar, the sands of the Sahara Desert, the snow capped mountains of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the beauty of our beloved South Africa.

Our squares, blankets, toys, hand-warmers and beanies can show us the colors of this continent from the people...

...to the animals...

...to flags...

...and designs...

In past years, Knit a Square has had many distributions on Mandela Day, July 18. We try to have many blankets and items that focus on South Africa, animals, colors and culture.  Our theme is early enough so that we can post our items to be included in this special event.

Since gold can be found in many of the countries in Africa our Color of the Month (COM) is gold/yellow.  Our Pattern of the Year is the Plain Jane, a square of one solid color, usually made with a single crochet or a garter stitch, but they can also be made with other textured stitches.

KAS PatternBook


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  • Wow Sandra your blanket is exquisite I can’t wait to see it. 

  • January 2021 Theme - A Safari Through Africa

    A double square.
    Camping while on safari through Africa. Have a tent, backpack and sleeping bag and a lantern.

    • Awww Bev, it will be story time in the mind of the child who receives this gem in their blanket.  So well done ... xo

    • Awww. Bev babes, this is too cute ♥️

    • Fun, Fun, Fun!   You have retained your title as the applique queen.   Just think of the stories the children will conjure when looking at this great square.

    • A clever idea Bev!

    • This is the proper way to go on a safari Bev.  
      What a fun square to make.  Thanks for adding

    • Thank  you for a really fun start to the year, Amy. You have been a superb host.

      I truly have enjoyed your informative snippets.


      • Those elephants are sooooo cool.

  • Thank you Amy for hosting this month.

    The information provided was so interesting, some of it I knew, some of it I had forgotten, but a lot of it I hadn't known before.

    i loved all the blankets, squares etc made this month.  Such a colourful array of work from all around the world. Well done to everyone.

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