How big should squares be?

Blanket squares should be 8 inches (20 cm) on all sides. Don't worry if your square is slightly bigger or smaller though, just try to get close. We can find a place for every square in someone's blanket! 


Does it matter if my square is not exactly the right size or shape?

Squares don't need to be exactly 20 cm in size, as long as they're close. Our teams of blanket assemblers in South Africa are very good at combining squares of similar sizes and shapes into blankets, even if some of those squares are not quite the right size. It's a good idea to make sure the square is fairly sturdy though. If you need to change yarns, make sure that the tail is securely woven in. Otherwise, curious little fingers might accidentally unravel your work! 


How many squares are there in a blanket?

It takes 35 squares to make a blanket. That's 7 squares long and 5 squares wide, for a blanket that is 1.4 meters by 1.0 meters; large enough to keep a child warm at any age.


I have enough squares to make a blanket. Should I sew it up, or just send the squares separately?

The Gogos (Grandmothers) in South Africa are ready to sew your squares together, so we normally prefer that you send the squares separately. 

Each blanket is made up of squares from dozens of different countries. That means that when a child wraps themselves up in that blanket, they're getting a hug from the whole world. A "global blanket of love"!

Of course, if you have an already assembled blanket which you would like to send, don't dismantle it! We're very happy to receive ready-to-go blankets as well as squares.


Do squares need to be 100% wool, or can I use yarn I already have?

Squares can be made of any type of yarn, as long as it's warm. Natural fibres like wool are particularly good, but acrylic and acrylic blends are also welcome! If your yarn is very thin though, you might need to use two strands together. Always try to use patterns that don't have large gaps or holes.


What is a yarn tail, and how long does it have to be?

A yarn tail is the piece of yarn that hangs off the end of the square when you're done. Our sewing volunteers can use this tail to help with the sewing up, as long as it is in good condition and doesn't have any knots. Please leave about 50cm (20 inches) of yarn from the corner of the square as a tail. Tie (butterfly) it neatly by following these instructions. If there are any loose ends of yarn hanging off your square, other than the main tail, then please weave these ends in neatly and securely.


Where can I find appropriate knitting/crochet patterns?

Any square pattern which comes out the right size is welcome! The pattern should be fairly solid and not lacy.  We have an official book of patterns, specifically chosen for KAS needs, which you can find under the "KAS Pattern Book" link on the top toolbar.

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