HOSTED BY: Christine Johnson


This month is about COUNTING

(and about every kind of square you can imagine)


A Child can count  FIVE fingers                          or TEN fingers 




Count ALL the squares (and get all the way to THIRTY FIVE)





                         Count all the number squares                       




Count all the letter squares



Count all the animal squares 



Count all the striped squares


Count all the red, yellow or green squares


This theme is about fun…fun for the children, fun for you who are making the squares, and very much about counting if you are so inclined!

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  • April 2016 Theme - Count Me In

    10 elephants.

    Finally finished!! Who knew counting to 10 could take soooo long??!!

    • Each counting square has been a pleasure for us to see Bev, I can only imagine the joy they will give to a child :))

      • Thank you Chris. xo.......and Thank You Christine for hosting April. You did a fabulous job. xo

        What a fun month.  :))

        • Thank you Bev. This square is wonderful (I love elephant designs and have them all over the house). You have been the star of this theme I think, consistently coming up with beautifully made squares.

  • Another fabulous Square Bev. You really are clever. :)

  • April 2016 Theme - Count Me In

    Nine bees are buzzing.

  • 2886783175?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Here's my finished blanket for this challenge - albeit a little late! 

    Well done to everyone for your fantastic contributions this month - there is some amazing talent on display. 

    Many thanks to Christine for hosting so competently. 

    • Heather, your blanket is beautiful as usually. I admire all your work.

    • It was worth waiting for's lovely :))

      • Thank you Heather. As Chris said, it was worth waiting for - I'm still in awe at your intarsia and the double squares look really good amongst the others; even a map of Africa in there.

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