Step right up for the Greatest Show on Earth....

The KAS Circus!!

What is your favourite memory of the circus? 

The animals?

The clowns?

The trapeze artists?

The popcorn and/or candy/fairy floss?

The smells? The atmosphere?

The big tent?

Here is your chance to recreate your memories through crafting.


SEPTEMBER 2015 THEME - Monkey  FEBRUARY 2015 - Think Like a Kid - Lion  February Theme - Africa 

Detail....Africa Blanket Pack  Playful Elephant  March - Elephant at Sunset 

 February 2018 Theme - Celebrate Africa  September 2014 Challenge- A Very Variegated Month.  A colourful Elephant

Holding Racing Horse



Earlston Wed. Club 74-82  August theme - Terrific to Touch


SAM_0672  23 Sand squares - Beside the Seaside - Sept 2018 Theme

My favourite....candy/fairy floss

Nov..Pastels 1  5 Girly Diagonals - June 2018 Theme

Or perhaps some 'Big Top' stripes....

The June Theme  April theme

Let's craft some circus-inspired squares and share what we like most about going to the circus.

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  • Just completed Bev


    • WOW!! This is sooooo pretty, Sue. I LOVE it!!


      • I opened this + saw how much work had gone into it, but struggled to save + post it.... Well done Susanne!

  • Hi Bev

    here is my completed 'A Night at the Circus' blanket.

    i hope a little girl likes it.  The dark squares are not black, but a darker green.

    i know elephants are no longer part of a circus, but animals used to be part of visiting circuses when we would take our son.  But besides that elephants are my very, very favourite animal.



    •  Sandra, I see your blanket below and it's great.    Very clever and neat.  Well done ❤️

    • What a FANTASTIC blanket, Sandra. I LOVE it!! My apologies, it has come up sideways.  :((


      • Wow Sandra it’s gorgeous. 

      • Awesome blanket, Sandra. 

    • April 2020 Theme - A Night at the Circus

      I know I am verrrrrry late, but was determined to finish all my applique squares for April.....vroom vroom, I'm off to start some May squares.  :))

      • Stunning squares Bev. 

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