The first week of February Athele and Estellle revisited Kya Sands Informal Settlement to distribute another 100 blankets to the children.  We hope you enjoy Athele's account and her marvelous pictures.

From Athele:

Some of the dear little children of Kya Sand informal settlement section C blessed with a warm cheerful blanket, hand-warmers, beanie and cuddly toy ... pardon that these pics don’t show the whole blanket. Hopefully, Estelle McLeod, who did much of the hard labor in handing over 100 blankets to these vulnerable little ones has originals of the blankets to add, but it was a bit of a mad crush of toddlers, some overwhelmed to tears, so we just tried to get through the little ones a quickly as possible.

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  • So many heart warming pictures of the children with their bundles. Thanks to Athele and Estelle and all those that made it possible. 

  • I’m amazed you manage to get so many photos in amongst so many children. What a brilliant job you all do! 

  • Thank you for posting these lovely, inspiring photos!

  • 3894360270?profile=RESIZE_710x3894363185?profile=RESIZE_710x3894366841?profile=RESIZE_710x3894369951?profile=RESIZE_710x Cathy Riley, apologies for not having a picture with the child who received this beautiful blanket you made ... I’d mistakenly left it in my car, so we gave it to marvelous Mapule, the community leader who makes all this happen for us in this community, to give to a Mom we’d given to earlier who had another child at home.

    Sewn together by Ana Forssman and edged by Estelle.

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    Panda C2C by Judith Sullivan in the UK.

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    This is one of the 102 soft toys the students from Croatia gathered and sent to Knit a Square.


  • More images from  Estelle and my attempts to spread the love in the impoverished community of Kya Sands informal settlement, in the outskirts of the northern suburbs of Johannesburg.
    So grateful to all the loving hands of the KnitASquare worldwide community that made this possible.
    In this set are many blankets and toys from the amazing ladies of Croatia and an initiative they created with some of the students of a local university. Bless you one and all.

    3894280216?profile=RESIZE_710xBlanket by Bozena Dijanic in Croatia.


  •  Thank you so much for these pictures.   I'm delighted to see that at least half of them show the children who were given my striped handwarmers.   I also spotted my bright diagonal blanket with orange squares and border too!!

    • Karen we took all of your hand warmers to Kya Sands, I think there were 58 pairs. We distributed them all as the sizes were perfect. The first children were quite small so struggled to hold all of their goodies. 

    • Congratulations, Karen. An amazing contribution.

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