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The Square Heart Award for August 2014 is for

Lorinda - South Africa


Lorinda joined the Forum in August of 2012.  She discovered KAS on the web whilst working with projects through her church outreach - aimed at reaching out to orphaned and vulnerable children in the Sabie area. She said she would love to have some KAS items to distribute on our behalf.

Sabie is a small town on the Sabie River in Mpumulanga Province, which is in the east of the country and close to Kruger National Park - about 3.5 hours from Johannesburg by road.  Sabie is close to a very large area named Bushbuckridge which is extremely poor and in which there are large squatter settlements.

Lorinda started off with some squares and a few beanies, but has since managed to arrange for people from Sabie visiting Johannesburg, to collect beanies &  jerseys and more squares.

She says, “I have a great team of friends helping to put blankets together ... “

... I crochet the blankets together, and then crochet a border around, just to make it stronger.”

Lorinda's handwork is beautiful ...

She uses the cut-off ends of wool to make flowers to embellish the blankets. 

Lorinda commented on how grateful the children are for whatever they receive. Here, some of them look through magazines she was able to distribute.

Responding to a direct request from a local school in Sabie as winter is very cold in that area, Lorinda designed these by turning knitted KAS squares into handwarmers and crocheting around the top and bottom.

She has even turned smaller KAS squares into pencil cases for the children ...

"One of my dreams ... to teach the 'younger' generation to knit and crochet, thus empowering them for the future."

Lorinda and her team are able to distribute direct which helps Ronda a great deal.

Thank you, Lorinda, for everything you do in your endeavor to make life better for these children. You are a blessing to them and to KAS!

If you would like a picture tour of some of the work Lorinda is doing, please check out her photos through this link:


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  • 2965174778?profile=originalNow you see what happens when your famous!!! :)))) Many congratulations Lorinda, a well deserved award. I am duly impressed by the work you do for the children. Hugs, hugs, hugs :)

  • WOW !!!!!.   Thank you.  what an honor.   All I can say is thank you.   It is so precious to be able to make a difference, and without the help of the KAS members, it would not be possible.   God Bless xxxxxx

  • Thank you Lorinda for all you do for the children.

  • Many thanks, Lorinda, for all you do for KAS! Your contribution is truly inspirational and we really appreciate all your efforts. Xxx

  • Congratulations, Lorinda! You certainly deserve this award!

    • Congratulations Lorinda for all you do for KAS. It is a well deserved award !

      • Congratulations Lorinda....and I'm sure the children and the wider community of Sabie is most appreciative of your tireless efforts in organising and providing warmth for those in need.

        I love how you 'go the extra mile' in crocheting the blankets together and then giving them a lovely edging.... and how you waste NOTHING when it comes to the scraps of yarn and the pretty embellishments you make with them.

        We are all so glad you 'found KAS'.  :))

  • Lorinda, thank you for all that you do to help improve life for the children. Congratulations!
    • Oh, Lorinda - it seems you were especially put in the right place to be able to do your incredible work where there is such great need. A well deserved award!
  • THANK YOU LORINDA!!!! What a fantastic job you are doing to help Ronda help the children. I love your blankets and the crocheted edge would strengthen them. Keep going!!

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