In August Nani and Wandi distributed blankets to some amazing children.  

Wandi went to Pretoria, about 60 km away.

Chris Chiplen's Piglet blanket and Heather Mensah's Owl blanekt.

Marion Davies' marvelous square.

Judith Sullivan's Butterfly.

Marion's Cross Eyed Hippo

Here are some beautiful pictures from Nani's distribution.

Many thanks to all our contributors from around the world for making these squares, blankets, hand-warmers, beanies and most importantly these smiling faces on children wrapped in love.  Thank you Wandi and Nani for these photos and these distributions.

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  • Thank you for posting these lovely photos. Wonderful to see the children and the finished blankets and hats and toys from the KAS members. It is so inspiring and what a treat for those who can identify a square or hat, etc. that they made! It is very uplifting.

  • Thanks Amy for arranging these lovely photographs and for taking the time to identify some of the more 'exotic' squares!

  • So wonderful to see the children wrapped in such warmth. Our love is hugging them. 

  • Oh my goodness.... I wept my way down these photographs.    Our time and love crafting away all makes so much sense seeing these.    Thank you ❤️

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