Every year, an annual subscription fee is paid to Weebly, the company that hosts our KAS Shop.  This also includes a domain name fee so that we can own The total amount is $334.90 US.


In the past, a generous donor has paid these fees. This year, we need to find a new source of funds.


Are you able to help cover this cost?  If so, please send your donation via PayPal to our shopkeeper, Andrea Palmatier (, and she will look after the rest.  Please specify that your donation is to go to the 'annual subscription fee'.  Our Andrea will keep track of every penny that comes in and let us know when the total has been reached.


If, by chance, we receive more than we need, the balance will be sent to Ronda to help with administration costs in South Africa.


WoW!! That was a fast and fabulous fundraiser!!

We have now reached the target!

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  • A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated to the website renewal! We were able to cover the costs AND donate an extra $59 USD to Ronda. Sending much love and appreciation to those who donated. <3

    • That is VERY good news Andrea. Thank you so much for having taking on this task. Much appreciated, xo

    • Yay!! That's great, Andrea!!  :))

  • Thank you Bev for your effort to make this Discussion page. HAPPY DANCE  that the target has been reached so quickly! xo

  • I don't understand how to make my contribution. Can I just use the "Donate" button or have I got to do something else?

    • do you have a paypal account Patricia? If you do you have to go to your account then go to 'send' and then put in the email address above so it goes to Andrea. 

      • Thanks so much, Mary and Chris.

        Hi Patricia. As Mary has said, it is important that the money is donated directly to Andrea, as our shopkeeper (using her email address in the intro), otherwise it will go into the general everyday expenses funds for KAS and be 'lost'. Thank you.

        • Thank you Mary and Bev. I've never made a payment direct from my Paypal account before. All done now, but I've just realised that I didn't see anywhere to specify that it was for the annual subscription fee. Hopefully Andrea is keeping an eye on this thread. Sorry!

          • Thanks so much, Patricia.

            I will email Andrea just in case.  :))

            • Thank you Patricia. Andrea has received your donation......and with your donation and ALL the wonderful donations received (some anonymously), we have reached the target required.

              Thank you ALL soooo much!! I know that Andrea will now be breathing a sigh of relief.  :))


              Thank you, also,  to Andrea for being 'on top of this'.  xo

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