KAS Sisters, here we are, living a global nightmare, with almost every country in the world affected. We are all worried, many of us fall into the vulnerable senior group, and it seems the ‘new normal’ is to stay away from people, go out as little as possible, just hunker down and hope we and our loved ones don’t succumb to the virus.

Fortunately, our Forum is one of the safest places we can be.  We can reach out to our friends, chat, share our feelings about this pandemic and how it is temporarily changing our lives.  We can share ideas on how we are protecting ourselves as much as possible, how we are managing to keep from going nuts if quarantined, and maybe, just maybe, we can even find something to giggle about in the midst of this tragic event.  In other words, anything goes.

I hope we can fight this pandemic, armed only with knitting needles, crochet hooks, balls of yarn, our sense of compassion, and even our sense of humour.  I hope we can share our feelings in this safe place where no viruses can go (unless your computer has one).  It’s OK to express frustration or fears, and it’s OK to rejoice if you feel like it.  None of us have ever faced anything like this before – let’s get through it together, ’cause that’s what Kas Sisters do.

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  • That's a really fun idea. I'd do it here, but there's only the cows to see the result!

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    • Oh dear, I love this! and the children will have so much fun!

    • Karen, how lovely!  I agree with Chris that creativity has really taken an uphill surge and it's wonderful to see ... xo

    • Those are marvelous and some are so tribal.  It must be so much fun to see new ones crop up.

      Sorry for all the typos earlier...I must go back and proof read my items better.  Was distracted by dogs and hubby....or I am just losing it.

      • No problem, Amy.  I consider it creative spelling ... hehehe ... xo

    • Another lovely idea, creativity has flourished during the last year!

  • I live in a neighborhood where each lot is at least one acre.  There are about 15 miles of sidewalks around 4 ponds and through the neighborhood.  We COVID hit and the children we not allowed to attend school, on mom started painting rocks and putting them out for children to find and move when then walked to get out of the house.  There are now about 4 families that have taken on this project.

    Here are the ones we found today.  I will have to go back and find some from previous outings.  Many rocks are associated with holidays or animals.  So much fun when we find a new one.


    • Fun for the children and the adults :))

    • Oh this is such a sweet idea.   We have something similar locally in a snake style collection.   They look like a colourful centipede/rainbow ♥️

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