Amy and I have heard from Ronda about the ongoing struggle that vulnerable South Africans are facing.

The South African 24-hour-a-day lockdown means that you can only go to the local grocery stores, doctor, hospital, pharmacy or bank when absolutely necessary. People are being arrested if they leave their residential areas. The lockdown has been extended to April 30 and could be extended further.

Reports are coming from people in the informal settlement areas where government food packages have not yet reached. Ronda had a chat with the volunteers to see if they had any personal knowledge of people in need.

Between Wandi, Nani, Vivienne, Themba and Mabel, 6 needy households were identified, with another possible 6 to be added to the list. I've included the details at the bottom of this discussion.

If you can, please donate through Knit-a-square's PayPal account to help purchase a "one-off" assistance package as listed below. We know that what we're asking is extremely difficult at this time. Many North Americans and Europeans have lost their earnings with non-essential businesses closing and we're all worried about the future.

The estimated cost of one package is 800R ($44 US) per family, with an ultimate fundraising goal of 10,000R ($543 US) so we can help as many families as possible. Please add a note that your donation is to be put towards "Lockdown Outreach."

This “one off” assistance package would keep a household going for the length of the lockdown:

5 kgs mealiemeal (the staple starch of Africa)
5 kg sugar
2 litres cooking oil
5 kg samp (also a staple starch like tapioca)
Sugar beans
5 kg flour
6 x tinned fish
6 x soup packets
Packet carrots
Packet potatoes
Packet onions
Peanut butter
2 kg chicken
2 kg washing powder
750 ml bleach

Here are the details of the known families in need of assistance

WANDI: Bless you Ronda, I have one in Protea South next to our little church – her name is Temperance Mandoda and she is a widow with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.  She is unemployed and they all stay in one shack – her daughter was the only one doing part time work but now they have NO income because of lockdown.

NANI: HI Ronda – got two families who waited for food parcels since lockdown started – til today they have received nothing.

VIVIENNE: Hello Ronds I also have a family that has nothing, a woman with 2 kids – not working – and have shared my own groceries with her during and even before lockdown.  She is really struggling and I don’t have any more to share. She needs help – her name is Regina.

THEMBA: Morning Ronda, there are 2 families I know of. One lady who is in an abusive relationship, the partner doesn’t want to do anything for her and she struggles with both him and “the son” – they normally ask for help and I try to give when I can. One is Sylvia Ncinitwa and another woman is Dawn Dlamini – both in great need.

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  • $50.00 USD donated
    • Sent USD44. Wish our exchange rate was not so rubbish at the moment, as I could have sent more, if it weren't.  :((

      • just sending $15 for more lockdown outreach

  • Just sent $44 USD FOR 1 food parcel. Love and Blessings.  

  • I've donated 44 USD.

  • Have donated 50 USD. I hope that you manage to help some of these poor families during this crisis.  Bravo to Wandi and all the other volunteers.

  • Just donated USD 150.00. I hope and pray they all will Stay Safe. xoxo

    • Thank you so much, Anneke! I know all of the help is appreciated beyond words.

      • I've just sent $44  - I'm sure more people will be identified by the volunteers

        • Thank you, Mary! I know your help will be appreciated.

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