This month the square Heart Award goes to 

Jeni Nesbitt from Glasgow, Scotland!

AKA, Harrison's Mom

Jeni has been a devoted member of KAS since 2009.

She started the wonderful Yarn-aholics thread here on the forum which is so therapeutic for all of us!

Jeni makes beautiful hats, toys and garments, but her most extraordinary talent is taking the smallest bits and bobs of yarn and turning them into works of art.

Jeni has made many of these gorgeous blankets. Recently, Yumi, a new KAS board member in South Africa found a shelter for older girls in need. This beautiful collection of "Jeni blankets," was given to them for warmth and comfort.

If that weren't enough, Jeni also spreads the word for KAS. Here we see her beautiful blanket which won first prize at the spring Horticultural Fair!

Here is a particularly wonderful photo from Jeni. She decorated her parent's Christmas tree with KAS squares!

Dear Jeni,

thank you so very, very much for all that you do to brighten the lives of the children of South Africa!

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  • So well deserved Jeni - I know what wonderful blankets you have made with the scraps and oddities I have sent to you in the past - you are so creative.  Lovely to see where your blankets have gone - they will be treasured so very much by those girls.

    Happy New Year! x

    • Thanks Pam, happy new year hugs to you too.



  • Sorry folks I have been doing some Christmas crafts and presents but I am now back on track working on squares. I promise I will get a new batch to SA before the winter.

    Thanks everyone for your support and lovely comments. You are an amazing bunch of friends to have.



  • Congratulations to you Jeni - very much deserved for all your hard work, kindness and care, making a difference to so many little ones.  Well done, you should feel very proud xx


  • Do you join your blankets up to send? congratulations on your award, such beautiful beautiful work.. I particularly was interested to see you use the fuzzy wool .. I have a lot of that but hadn't thought to use it for squares.. Your talent for co-ordinating your colours and patterns is wonderful 

    • Yes Elaine, I do join my blankets. I love to send some ready to distribute as it saves a job in SA but does cost more to post bigger parcels of course.

      The fuzzy wools - I always suggest starting and ending a square with non fuzzy. Easier to work and easier to stitch together but use up the fuzzy in the middle for maximum cuddle and warmth.


  • Well done Jeni.  You could never be called a 'cheat' when your beautiful blankets are keeping so many children warm. 

  • Guys, I couldn't have asked for a more special Christmas present. Thank you all so very much for your lovely comments and wishes. I always feel a bit of a cheat because I usually make simple granny squares - they just look good because I use crazy yarns. It also means that I can make them up so fast. But it is always so special when I see my blankets get to the right place and the right people.

    Well I have just had my parents look at the thread to and I thnk they are as proud as can be. Thanks everyone and may Santa bring you lots of yarn and stitching energy.

    Lots and lots of love


    (Harrisons Mom)


  • Well done Jeni from another Glaswegian. Your hard work is admirable.
  • Congratulations, Jeni! Your hard work, dedication and colourful squares have brightened the lives of so many, both on the forum and in South Africa. :o)

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